Nourish and Comfort Gift Guide

In honor of NICU Awareness month...

Feeding and comforting our babies is indeed a privilege and an incredible one, but yes, it can also be hard and exhausting at times. We've teamed up to bring you beautiful mamas an epic SALE on all of your favorite feeding and comfort products (and some new ones to discover!). You know, the things that will make those hard days feel a bit more doable. These products were developed by women to support moms. So let's support them right back.  Use code: NOURISH to score each shop's discount featured below!

Sale ends Friday, October 2nd.

Amara Organic Foods

20% OFF

Take baby from milk monster to veggie lover with our 100% organic, plant-based baby food featuring only simple, whole food ingredients. Ready in seconds. Just add breast milk, mix, and serve!

The Dearest Grey

25% OFF

Here at The Dearest Grey we specialize in making modern baby products that fit perfect into your home. We strive to make our products useful for all occasions.


20% OFF (excluding gift cards)

NuRoo products support mom and baby throughout the 4th trimester. The NuRoo Nursing Scarf has snaps down the width for ultimate customization and the NuRoo Swaddle is easy to use and grows with your little one from birth to three months. The NuRoo Pocket is the only hands-free skin-to-skin newborn carrier and makes skin-to-skin babywearing simple in the early days. 


20% OFF

Junobie is a company that enjoys innovating and creating modern, sustainable solutions for women on their breastfeeding journey. The Junobie bag is the first EVER eco-friendly & reusable breastmilk storage bag. 


15% OFF

Innovative baby products designed to promote independence as they learn to self-feed. Grabease is owned and run by women and dedicated to creating a positive impact by donating to children in need.


Motherlove Herbal

15% OFF

Connecting motherhood to Mother Earth with organic herbal body care & supplements from pregnancy to postpartum & breastfeeding. From morning sickness to milk supply, we have mama covered! 

Undercover Mama

20% OFF 

We are passionate about designing fun, fashionable and functional clothing that not only makes your breastfeeding and pumping easier, but more stylish as well! We are moms ourselves and struggled with the same obstacles every breastfeeding mom has struggled with - finding functional, modern clothing that allows us to breastfeed anywhere, anytime!

The Baby's Brew

15% OFF

Warm bottles safely and effectively without the loss of nutrients, constant temperature checks, or cords - anywhere at any time. With four temperature options (80F, 98F, 103F, 110F) our portable battery-powered bottle warmer is safe for use with breast milk, most formulas, cows milk, and more. Are you ready to drop the cord and get outside? 


15% OFF 

Lollaland products were created by parents dedicated to providing safe, stylish, and smart products for children and their families. Our award-winning products are premium quality, beautifully packaged + ready-to-gift, and our feeding products are proudly made in the USA. 

Nook Sleep

15% OFF

The Niche Nursing pillow offers safety, breathability, comfort and excellent support for mom and baby. A pillow you will take with you everywhere!

Lil' Buds Breast Comfort Packs 

15% OFF

We make luxurious breast comfort packs to sooth breast pains for breastfeeding mothers.


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