Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.
Pumpkin & Pear.

Pumpkin & Pear

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Age: 6+ months

Texture: Stage 2

Whether fall is in the air or not, anytime is pumpkin time for baby. Pumpkin is not only packed with iron and protein, it is rich in Vitamin A which is essential to your baby’s vision and bones. A hint of cinnamon is used here for its anti-inflammatory benefits as well as introducing baby to a touch of spice.

Directions: Add 4-5 tablespoons breast milk, formula, or water, stir, and serve!

Ingredients: Organic pumpkin, organic potato, organic pear, hint of cinnamon

Unit: 5 Pouches. Each pouch makes 1 serving / meal of 3.5 ounces

Price: $2.07 per meal with subscription; $2.59 per meal without subscription. Subscribe and save on subscription, or order as you go - you choose.

Bonus Finger Food Recipe!: Pumpkin Scones (find on side of box)


Homemade, Made Possible

Amara is a veggie-forward, plant-based baby food made from 100% organic, whole food ingredients. Using our proprietary pressure protection technology, we simply remove the water content from fresh foods, leaving their original nutrients, textures, smells and tastes intact for your baby- all without the need for any additives, preservatives or stabilizers.

All you need to do is add breast milk or water, mix and serve. Homemade baby food doesn't need to take hours of prep. At Amara, we make it possible to always give your baby the best.

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What is Amara baby food?

Organic plant-based meals in powder form made from 100% whole foods. The only baby food delivering all of the benefits of fresh with the convenience of shelf-stable.

What is our process?

We start with organic whole foods and remove the water using our proprietary technology, keeping the taste, texture and nutrients intact.

How do you prepare it?

Just add water, breast milk or formula, mix and serve. No chopping, blending or steaming. Ready in seconds when you need it.

How is it better?

Unlike traditional jars and pouches, our method doesn't use repeated high heat processes which lose valuable nutrients and concentrate sugars.

"I love that I can mix Amara with breast milk. It made me more confident to start introducing solids foods." -Gina

"Comparing Amara to other brands really is like the difference between a homemade dinner and a microwave package. So worth it!" -Tracey

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Shanna Rosenthal-Torres
Healthy, yummy, and convenient!

Our baby liked the Pumpkin Pear food on her first time trying it! It's very cool and convenient that it starts in powder form, as it is easy for travel and storage. You can mix it with whatever you wish! We used water. We actually only gave her half of a packet, to get two meals out of it. It is a bit expensive if your baby eats one whole packet at a time at every meal, but it's worth it. Also, I wish it could last a few days after it has been mixed. But despite this, I would definitely recommend Amara! Good flavor, organic, and no added sugar. Almost like homemade!

Emillie Hoerner
(Pumpkin pear) The worst we have tried

Unfortunately the pumpkin Pear flavor is the worst Amara food we have tried. I don't know if maybe we got a bad batch or what. It was dreadful and bitter; I didn't taste much pumpkin let alone pear. My baby and I both tried packets twice, hoping the second was better. Unfortunately, not only did I find it unpalatable but my baby did too.

Brittany Moscoso
The texture is perfect

We first started my son on jarred pureed baby food, but very quickly, he started pushing it away because it was to liquid-y. He wanted something with more texture. Enter Amara - the perfect solution. He loves everything he's tried, but this is one of his favorite flavors (who can blame him?)!

Brittany Castronova
My son loves Amara

We had been buying jars of organic baby food for our 7 month old. It was hit or miss. I had originally planned on making his baby food myself as I'm extremely cautious about food, additives, etc. However, finding time to make his food ourselves proved to be overwhelming and did not work out. I signed up for Amara and could not be happier. I add my breast milk to it and my son loves it. He is all smiles every time we feed him now. The consistency is great (it's not a drippy mess that I have to clean up later) So pleased we found Amara!

Melissa M

love love 💘 💗 💓 💕