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1. Prepared &
Ready to Go

Busy schedules seem to never end. All on top of work, cleaning, school, and cooking. And where’s the time for yourself? Every minute counts, every single day. Save time with meals preparable under 60 seconds or less!

2. Make Some
Room in that Budget

The plain truth: Costs for food and necessities are only rising. And high quality baby food shouldn’t break the bank. Stop worrying about cost and shop Amara’s affordable meals as low as $1.70/meal.

3. What Goes in Must Come Out

Your baby’s food determines their growth and their future. As a parent, you want to give them the best. Here’s how:

4. Your Baby’s
1st Favorite

Add more or less liquid to create the ideal texture. Your baby is starting to develop their preferred tastes. Whole fruits + veggies means full flavor in every single bite.

5. Simplify
the Transition

Making the transition to solids should be easy…not a challenge. With food developed by professional infant nutritionists your baby is getting the food they need. The right way.

Up to $1.80 per meal

Introduction to Solids
Variety Pack (19 Meals)

$51.98 $37.99 $1.70 per meal

26 reviews

Intro to Baby Vegetables
Pack (32 Meals)

$77.99$2.06 per meal

72 reviews


The banana is chunky like a mashed up banana should be. The texture reassured us it’s fresh. The ingredients label literally says: just organic bananas. Nothing hidden. And WAY less sugar than so many other organic baby purées out there. Plus my baby loved it 💙


Literally one of the best baby foods ever. It tastes so much better than pureed food from the grocery store. I steal a few spoons when I feed the baby. She loves it so much!!


We love this product! Our daughter loves the taste, and we love that it can be mixed with breastmilk to increase our daughter’s daily consumption!