At Amara, we do things differently. Traditional jars and pouches are highly processed. So instead, we aim to lock in those essential original nutrients and vitamins. Shop to find baby blends full of vegetables, cereals and plant based proteins with rich textures and only the best ingredients.


Why Amara

Homemade is more of a dream than a reality, right? At Amara, we use nutrition optimizing technology to bring you the closest thing to fresh homemade without starting from scratch. Making homemade, (finally) possible. Find out what makes Amara the best for your baby!

Why Amara

"My Little one LOVED it!

"I've never been disappointed with their products. I've switched over to feeding my baby Amara and I've noticed a difference in quality and freshness. It tastes so fresh and super easy to make."


Homemade baby food is more of a dream than a reality, right? We know you deeply want the best for your little one. So at Amara brings you the best and it's better for baby, and easy for you (yes, please!) Discover Amara's organic baby food stage 1, 2 and 3 Vegetables, Cereals, Plant Based Proteins and Fruits with a premium taste, texture and nutrition for your baby.

Baby Food Designed for an Easy Transition

Designed for an easy transition to solids and textures.


Just add breastmilk, formula or water when you're ready. No chopping or blending necessary.


Veggies, fruits and cereals with rich textures and the best ingredients.