We bring you all of the benefits of fresh, homemade purees without having to start from scratch. Simply add breast milk, formula, or water, and it's ready for baby to enjoy! Packed with vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based proteins, our 100% organic blends deliver real textures, less natural sugar, and superior nutrition without the need for refrigeration.


Why Amara

Traditional jars and pouches are highly heated and processed, boiling out the nutrients and concentrating the natural sugars. We use pressure, not repeated high heat, to lock in the original vitamins and minerals of whole foods. Learn more about our proprietary pressure-protection technique and how Amara is bringing you better baby food.

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"My Little one LOVED it!

"I've never been disappointed with their products. I've switched over to feeding my baby Amara and I've noticed a difference in quality and freshness. It tastes so fresh and super easy to make."