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From beginners to snacking pros, our organic smoothie melts are a healthy hit with the whole family!

Not all baby food is created equal

We believe in quality without compromise. Only Amara’s proprietary technology offers the taste and texture of fresh ingredients with the convenience of shelf stability.

Why We're Better


Made with only 3 whole ingredients & 0g added sugar



Made with 10 listed ingredients & 8g of added sugar


Made without repeated high-heat processing



Made with highly processed fruit purees


12x less plastic for a healthy baby & healthy planet



Plastic packaging that will end up in landfills or in oceans


A difference you can see, our food has all the taste & texture of fresh



High-heat processing strips nutrients and texture from food

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Parents and littles love their Amara.

What sets Amara apart from others is that their foods are packed with nutrition. Traditional baby food found in jars and pouches are generally cooked, and processed. Amara’s baby food is different. Their unique dehydration technique doesn’t use high heat. It’s a difference you can smell and taste.

- Nicky

Amara has a long storage life and is lightweight and easy to carry around right inside of your purse or diaper bag. This baby food is absolutely amazing, we have found our new line of baby food. If you're looking for something your baby will love and is so healthy for them then look no further, my little man loves this and so will yours!

- Brittany

This baby food is the best brand there is. My baby is 4 months old, and I wanted to make sure to give her the best possible. When using cold water this smells and tastes JUST like a real banana. She LOVED it and ate the whole thing! The company is also so nice, which is also very important to me when I become a lifetime customer.

- Karlie

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Winner Best Baby Food

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We believe if our future generations eat well now, they’ll eat healthier, think clearer, and feel better for the rest of their lives.


Our patent-pending nutrition protection technology (NPT) preserves whole foods in their original structure. With the help of NPT, our whole-food ingredients retain their flavor, texture, and vibrant color — and because NPT doesn’t fundamentally alter food composition, Amara baby foods contains less natural sugar. 

Our products contain no binding agents and no added sugars. We always use the best whole ingredients to bring the benefits of fresh, homemade food direct to your table — with all the ease and convenience of packaged food. We promise that you and your baby will see, smell, and taste the difference.

Yes, of course! All our baby food meals and snacks are certified organic and non gmo.

Nope! From our baby food to our toddler snacks, you don’t have to worry about keeping Amara pouches cold, refrigerating, or thawing — you can simply store at room temperature. We know parenting can be unpredictable; Amara is designed to be ready wherever and whenever you need it.

From 6 months to 48 months old - there’s something for everyone with Amara’s baby food, toddler snacks and beyond. Amara’s line of baby food meals ranges from cereals, to veggie forward, to plant based protein meals and more. Voted “#1 Best Baby Food” by Good Housekeeping two years in a row, discover the rich taste of Amara that’s sure to please. Our toddler snacks are the only melt-in-mouth snack that has no added sugars and make a great snack, anytime, anywhere.

Every one of our suppliers meets annual third-party federal requirements and compliance regulations for heavy metals and organic certification, as well as food safety benchmarks and external food safety audits established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Heavy metals exist naturally in soil and water and are found in all foods that grow in the ground (aka, fruits, veggies, and grains). That’s why all of Amara’s foods use 100% certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, which likely have lower levels of heavy metals due to the higher standards for farming practices. If you’re concerned about heavy metals in your baby’s food, you can read more about how to minimize exposure here.

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*Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for sugar and calorie content.