Growing up, my mom, Swiss French, baked fresh bread for me and my sisters every morning. Actually she prepared most of our meals from scratch. I took it for granted (I was a kid after all), but I’ll never forget one time when my best friend came over for dinner. 

My mom had made fresh steamed peas and my friend was going on and on about how good the peas were. She said she had never had peas like that before! My sisters and I were stumped... until we realized that she had only ever had canned peas! Granted this was the 80’s, and everyone was using canned food. But, at 7 years old, my best friend had her first real pea! 

The problem is that today baby food hasn’t come much further. Traditional baby food is closer to tv dinners and canned food than the delicious fresh fruits and veggies we want for our babies. 

If we teach our babies how to eat fresh fruits and veggies from a young age, they are much more likely to be healthy eaters when they are older. My deep love and appreciation for food doesn’t come from fancy restaurants but from my own home-- from when I was very young. 

That’s where my journey with Amara began. We set out to create a baby food that would be the closest thing to the fresh fruits and vegetables you would make at home. Baby food that hasn’t been processed beyond belief. Baby food that is REAL food, with a capital R. 

Today, families from all walks of life trust Amara to nourish their babies. And I’m proud to report: every day we’re helping thousands of babies enjoy their first real pea.

amara founder and team

To our future foodies, xoxo



Above: Chef and co Founder Vicki Johnson, Phd in Nutrition Sonia Schiess and Jessica Sturzenegger at Expo West