We believe food choices today

impact how we feel, think and perform tomorrow

We decided we would create the best, tastiest, healthiest food on the market to support a lifetime of healthy eating.

But we knew it couldn’t just be healthy and tasty. Why? We know how chaotic being a new parent can be. You probably haven’t washed your hair in days, let alone prepared a fresh meal. That’s why we knew our Amara meals also had to be so easy, parents could use them even on their most hectic days.

Doing it right took time.

We’re not going to lie: making food this healthy isn’t always easy. We’ve had many late nights tweaking recipes and busy days in supermarkets, talking to moms about what matters to them when it comes to their baby’s food. Together with Sonia, our PhD in nutrition and Vicki, our chef, and our team of food engineers, we spent three years developing Amara’s proprietary food preparation technique that ensures each ingredient is as healthy as possible. But every step has been worth it because we really, truly believe in Amara and in creating the best food possible for your family.

We choose our suppliers ingredient by ingredient.

It’s our mission to make sure we were getting the best, most nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. From the carrots to the mango, everything had to be organic—and of course, delicious! From our baby food to our toddler snacks and beyond, Amara is a difference you can taste! Parents tell us all the time that when they mix their Amara pouches, they can see and smell how fresh it is.

What We’re All About

Committed to
Nutrition In Every Bite

At Amara, we don’t just throw ingredients together. We create food with intention. For example, organic black beans are paired with sweet corn to form a complete plant-based protein with the complementing amino acids that can be easily absorbed in your baby’s tummy.

Only Whole Ingredients

Sourcing lower quality food is easy. Sadly, it’s all too common to find maltodextrin added to apples or offer pea protein as a stand-in for actual peas. We are proud to always take the hard way at Amara, sourcing only whole foods at the peak of freshness.

Strict Standards

For example, when developing our snacks, we were told we needed to add sugar to get the “melt” factor. We kept researching until we found a way to harness the natural properties of fruits and veggies to create a delicious melt without compromising on health. We set the strictest standards to bring you baby food and toddler snacks, made better.

A note from Jess…

My whole life, I’ve loved thinking about food.The way it can bring people together, the way eating healthy made me feel great. But even though food was my passion, when I was short on time, I’d still resort to pre-packaged muffins and over-processed granola bars.

I began to think how if this was a struggle for me, it was probably a struggle for a lot of other people, too. And the more I researched about food, the more I realized that so many of our habits start young—really young. There’s a crucial window for developing neural pathways related to food habits and growing a healthy gut microbiome.

That window closes at age two. No pressure, right?! I knew if we wanted to make a difference in the next generation’s food habits, we would need to start young. So with the help of a PhD in nutrition, a chef, and food scientists, Amara was born.

We’re honored so many people trust Amara for feeding their littlest ones. We’re still as passionate about making the healthiest, easiest food as we were on day one.

And best of all? We’re just getting started!


Jess Sturzenegger
Founder & CEO

So are we a little obsessed
with food? Maybe!

Okay, definitely :) But it’s this obsession that makes Amara the healthiest and easiest option out there. And that makes all the difference for you and your family.