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    Baby and toddler snack

    Nutritional Facts

    Baby and toddler snack

    Nutritional Facts

    374 reviews

    24 Servings (6 bags)

    Healthy and Delicious

    374 reviews



    Mighty Sweet Greens: Organic mango, organic apple, organic coconut milk, organic spinach, organic spirulina.


    A Baby's Delight and

    Parent's Savior!

    Amara Smoothie Melts have not only become a favorite snack for our baby but also a game-changer for our mealtimes.
    It's heartwarming to see our little one enjoy his food with such enthusiasm.

    If you're a parent looking for a tasty and nutritious snack for your little one look no further. These smoothie melts have made our mealtimes (and snacktimes!) a joy, and we couldn't be happier with the results!"

    Olivia M.

    Verified buyer

    The Experts' #1 Choice

    Less Sugar = Less Stress

    Sugary snacks are tempting to give from time to time, but we all know it is not worth "the crash" or the guilt. Finding a crave-worthy snack that tastes like a treat, but has 0g of added sugar and is actually nutritious is a major parenting WIN.

    Save Precious Time

    Post snack time with toddlers can look like the apocalypse. Smooshed banana in a car seat anyone? Our time is limited – who wants to spend it removing yogurt from sweatpants? Instead, our yogurt melts deliver the benefits of a healthy snack with virtually zero clean up.

    What Goes in Must Come Out

    Or “You are What you Eat.” However you say it, the message is the same: what you feed your child matters. It affects their growth, behavior, mood and even sleep. So let’s give them the best. At Amara, you can count on:

    Start them off Right

    Exposing kids to a variety of whole foods helps develop healthy preferences. In other words, feed them real foods now, and they’ll love them the rest of their lives. Amara introduces beets, carrots, and berries in a fun, approachable, and delicious way.

    Snack Time is ALL the Time

    With a toddler, is it ever NOT snack time? Most snacks are loaded with empty carbs, artificial colors and flavors, and added sugar. Instead of ditching snack time (not realistic), turn it into a healthy opportunity with our organic yogurt melts.

    This is amazing!

    “My son loves it. He usually never would try yougurts, and im so happy we found these so i can be not stressed at all now when i travel! Thank you ❤️”

    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

    “My 1 year old gand-daughter loves these snacks. I have to admit I like them too(smile). She especially enjoys them on our ride home from daycare. She can sometimes eat a pack a day(its her and my little secret, can't tell mom I give her the whole pack, smile). I especially like the blue berry and beets. Keep doing what you are doing to help our children enjoy healthy nutritional snacks.”

    Loved by my 2 and 4 year old!

    “My babes love both flavors of the yogurt smoothie melts! They’re considered a treat around our house and I feel good knowing there’s no sugar added and no chance of my littlest choking on them. We’ve ordered these multiple times and will probably order again soon.”