10 Road Trip Essentials when Traveling with Baby

10 Road Trip Essentials when Traveling with Baby

Eventually, grandparents are going to want to see the kids. That means a road trip for baby, and worries about what to bring along! It’s easier than you think. Here are ten essentials you need to have a happy trip with your infant.

1. Car Seat - Not only is it the law if you’re going by car ;) but regardless of how you travel with your baby, having a car seat handy will help you if you need to go for a ride when you get there and need to bring the baby. Make sure it’s installed right! We know it’s cumbersome so check out the best way to carry your car seat here that will make your life easier.

2. Enough bottles - You can’t breastfeed easily in a car, so pack bottles of breastmilk into the baby bag. Bring enough for a day’s feeding. Don’t forget your pump for multi-day trips!

3. Car-friendly snacks - If your baby is old enough for solids, make sure you bring enough snacks and enough variety to keep your baby happy. It’ll also avoid having to find healthy snacks in a random gas station or having to pay extra for convenience store snacks!

4. Multiple pacifiers - Invariably, your baby will throw their pacifier when it’s the least convenient to get it or in the dirty gas station bathroom, Have extra ones.

5. 2 baby outfits per day – A friend once told me she went through 5 onsies in a day, I didn’t believe her until I had my own kids. Babies are messy and you don’t know when laundry will happen on a trip. So bring at least two outfits a day to make sure baby always looks their best for those family photos ;).

6. Special items - If there’s a blanket or stuffed animal your baby really likes, don’t leave it behind! Long car trips can be scary for some kids the first time, so bringing something comfortable can help.

7. Entertainment - Whether it’s some songs, a picture book, wooden blocks or crayons, make sure you bring a variety of your baby’s favorite toys to keep them entertained!

8. Diaper gear - Need I say more? Probably not. Just make sure you bring enough!

9. Toiletries - Baby shampoo, lotions, sunscreen, baby rash cream, better to have it than forget it.

10. A hat - Even if you don’t plan on leaving the car much, the sun can be too much for the baby. A hat can serve as a sun shade or a cover for rain or for cold weather. Always great to have in the bag for those “just in case” situations.

You can add more to your road trip essentials for you and your baby if you like, but these are the essentials in our opinion! What do you like to bring on long car trips to keep your kids happy the whole time?

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