Plant-Based Smoothie Melt Variety Pack

Quantity: 12-Pack

At Amara, we deliver nutritious, delicious snacks for your baby & toddler:

✅No Added Sugars

✅Simple, Clean Ingredients

✅Organic, Non-GMO


  • 6 Packages of Mango Carrots
  • 6 Packages of Carrot Raspberry

Mango Carrots:Organic mango, organic coconut milk, organic carrots, organic lemon juice
Carrot Raspberry:Organic apple, organic coconut milk, organic carrots (with organic lemon juice), organic raspberries

Smoothie melts, but better

✅No added sugar

✅Simple, clean ingredients

✅Organic, non-GMO

✅*Plant-based options available

Perfect for tiny hands

✅Easy to pick up

✅Learn to self-feed

✅Practice pincer grip

✅Improve hand-eye coordination

Anytime is smoothie melt time

✅Lightweight, resealable bags

✅No refrigeration needed

✅No mess

✅Guilt-free and delicious

Why We're Better

Sanity-saving snacks

Let’s face it. We all need a little convenience sometimes (most of the time!), and often a bite-sized, tasty distraction is just the ticket for getting through the day with our sanity intact. Now what if that lifesaving snack had no added sugar and also delivered on veggies and fruit? Game changer.

Serve Amara smoothie melts with a smile knowing there is no dreaded sugar, no tapioca starch, mixed tocopherols, or other mystery ingredients. We took care of the snacks, so you can sit back and enjoy.

Winner Again & Again!

Winner Best Baby Food for Introducing Solids

Winner best baby food

Winner best baby food

Winner best baby cereal

Winner best baby food brand

Customer Reviews

Based on 1066 reviews
Brittany W
Toddler approved

We prefer Amara for its clean ingredients and no-sugar added. Normally, we buy raspberry or carrot but wanted to try something new. My young toddler loves this flavor as much as the others.

austin melton

my daughter loves all the smoothie melts, we first got you at costco, but then order from your site

Kayla Holman
Best Snack For Allergies

My son has FPIES and I LOVE that the ingredients are more whole food ingredients. It's great knowing my son has a quick, easy, and safe snack that he loves!

Valerie DeSiervo
Great product!

My grandson loves the yogurt melts and knowing they are good for him is even better!

Philomena Joyce
My toddler is obsessed and I feel good about giving them!

My toddler's favorite thing in the world is "yogi" drops as we call them. But we were previously buying another brand that I wasn't crazy about so I would try to be mindful of how often I gave them to him. I found Amara and now I feel like I'm actually giving him a healthy snack, even though he sees it as the best treat in the world!!


Amara organic smoothie melts contain no added sugar. Other brands often use added sugar to create a melt-in-mouth feel, with up to 8 grams of added sugar per bag!

Every baby is different, but on average many are ready to try Amara smoothie melts around 10 months of age. It’s important that your baby can sit independently, pick up and eat finger foods on their own, and chew/mash food well in their mouths before offering smoothie melts. The product is carefully designed to melt in the mouth, but we always recommend careful supervision when feeding snacks and meals.

Yes, of course! All our baby food meals and snacks are certified organic and non gmo.

No way! We would never, ever do that. :)