2020 Baby Food Report: Parents & Grocery amid CoVid-19 and more


2020 baby food report

2020 baby food report

2020 baby food report

baby food report

Amara is thrilled as the baby food world gets more press and attention, highlighting the high levels of sugar in traditional baby foods and the need for change in the category. We put together a report of the trends in baby food that we hope you'll find helpful. It includes:
- Trends driving growth in the baby food market
- Insights into today's parents and their grocery shopping habits during CoVid-19


As parents change their buying habits, we're seeing innovation in the space ranging from traditional pouches with a value-add component ("pouch-plus") to true category innovators -- like Amara -- changing the baby food format to prioritize maximum nutrition. 
Among the innovators, Amara remains the only baby food that brings all the benefits of fresh with the scale and convenience of shelf stable. I hope you find value from the insights and information in the report.

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