Best Resources for Toddler Nutrition, Meal Plans, and More

Today we’re talking about all things toddler nutrition: building a balanced plate, avoiding picky eating, allergy concerns, and of course, toddler-approved recipes. We’ve searched the web so you don’t have to. Here are our favorite online resources for navigating mealtimes with your budding foodie. Each one of these sites, and the women behind them, offers meal plans, nutrition tips, and a unique feeding philosophy. Find the one that resonates most with your family and dive in! We hope you’ll not only find some great info and inspo for feeding your toddler, but you’ll also discover some new experts to turn to when inevitable challenges do arise. Happy feeding!

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Yummy Toddler Food

Our list about toddler food could not be complete without a mention of the incredible resource Yummy Toddler Food. Amy’s blog is practical, approachable, and informative. She covers everything from How to Wean a Toddler to a whopping list of 80 Toddler Lunch Ideas. If you prefer your info in the form of a podcast, she has that too! Check out Amy’s the Comfort Food podcast for a more intimate conversation around feeding your growing family.

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Feeding Littles

Next up on our list of incredible resources about feeding your little is aptly named Feeding Littles. We are loving their post Offer the Rainbow where Megan and Judy compiled a master list of foods for your toddler organized by color. With Megan being a dietitian and Judy specializing in feeding therapy as an OT, they also offer expert advice in posts such as Teach Your Child How to Swallow a Pill. Ready to become an expert yourself? Sign up for their online toddler course covering topics from high chair selection to what to say to your toddler during a meal.

Find Megan and Judy at:


New Ways Nutrition

Table Manners for Toddlers? It may seem like an oxymoron, but our next favorite on the list tackles just that. Dietitian and mom Renae leaves no topic unturned on her insightful blog New Ways Nutrition. Her blog aims to “reduce the stress of mealtime,” and with instructive posts like Introducing New Foods to Kids without Pressure and Help! My Toddler Won’t Eat, she does just that and more. Also offering courses and a new podcast, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources here to make the most of family mealtime.

Find Renae at:


Jill Castle

As a veteran nutritionist with over 29 years of work in the field, Jill Castle is a prolific author, Tedx speaker, Youtuber, and more, all with the aim of helping parents feed their children well. Naturally, she also has an incredible blog with a ton of free, and paid, resources available. We love her page filled with downloadable Nutrition Worksheets and Printables, including the helpful Food Portions for Kids and her Nutrition Store page where she offers a round-up of all of her recommended books on the topic of childhood nutrition.

Find Jill at:


SuperKids Nutrition

Meet Melissa, another impressive expert in the field, and creator of SuperKids Nutrition. As a MA, RD, CDE, Melissa is qualified to give advice on specific dietary considerations, and we appreciate her thorough approach under the Special Diets section of her website where she covers topics on allergies, constipation, and food sensitivities. Check out her Food Allergy Substitutions for Your Kids and What Can my Kid Eat on a Gluten-Free Diet? Looking for more personalized guidance? Melissa is available for private nutrition counseling sessions.

Find Melissa at:


Have more to add to our list? Share your go-to toddler nutrition resources in the comments.


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