Gift Guide: 5 Best Gifts for 1-Year-Olds

Now that your baby has reached his first birthday, it’s time to celebrate by choosing a special gift for the occasion. Here are five top gift ideas that will be a hit with your toddler and even help support his future development.

1. Wooden Blocks

Start by getting your baby a set of wooden blocks. You don’t need any fancy toys to keep your little one entertained. Stacking blocks and building towers can help support your toddler’s cognitive development and fine motor skills.

2. Board Books

Another item that should definitely be on your toddler’s wish list is a board book. Parents can encourage literacy and brain development each day by spending time reading to their child. Board books are perfect for teething toddlers who love to turn the pages and look at the pictures.

3. Push or Pull Toys

Your baby may be ready to start walking at his first birthday, and you can give him a little support with a push or pull toy. For toddlers who are close to walking, a supportive push toy can encourage gross motor skills development. Early walkers can have fun with pull toys, such as ducks, dogs or other animals.

4. Bath Toys

Bathtime can start to be more exciting for your little one if you provide plenty of toys for your child to play with. Squeaky toys that squirt, bath crayons or interactive water toys can make bathtime smooth.

5. College Savings Account

After you’ve selected plenty of toys for your child, it’s important to think about his future beyond the toddler years. It may seem like far away but they grow up so fast that It may be wise to start a college savings account or to continue to contribute to a fund for your child’s education.

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