Raising a Veggie Lover: Top Links and Resources

raising a veggie lover as a baby

Today we’ll dive into all of the common wisdom around the web, from experts and “been there, done that” parents, about how to avoid raising a picky eater and foster a growing love of vegetables with your baby. 

If you have a breastfeeding baby or even if you are pregnant, it may seem too early to be thinking about raising healthy eaters, but it’s not. Studies show food preferences begin right away, as early as in the womb, and flavors in breast milk can help shape baby’s later food choices. Not only does early exposure to different tastes and textures have an impact, creating positive attitudes around food, setting a good example, instilling a family food culture (like sitting down to dinner together), and maintaining healthy eating habits all play a role. 

Here are some of our top resources to help you raise a veggie-lover!

 🥦  This article from NBC news outlines what may contribute to picky eating and some tips to combat it in your children.

 🥦 An incredible FREE, 91 page resource put together by the author of “The Picky Eater Project” outlines a 6-week program to a happier, healthier family mealtime, providing everything from organizing your refrigerator to weeknight recipes to prep with the kids. Don’t miss it!

 🥦 Check out this article in Science Weekly about baby’s acceptance of more fruits and vegetables during weaning when a breastfeeding mother incorporates them into her diet.

 🥦 provide this informative slide show titled, “How to Help your Baby Love Vegetables.” Take a look.

 🥦 In the blog, Your Kids Table, the author outlines common mistakes surrounding mealtime with baby that can lead to unwanted habits down the road. These are some that creep in without us even realizing it sometimes, and they are easier to stop now than later. 

 🥦 Ready to start feeding baby what you are eating? Here is a list of "30 Family-Friendly Recipes your Baby will Love" from the Picky Eater blog, another wonderful resource to explore.

 🥦 With great research behind her recommendations, The Science of Mom weighs in on a common reader question, “How can I get my baby to eat vegetables?” I personally love her tongue in cheek suggestion,”When all else fails, put veggies on the floor. Baby finds food on the floor more trust-worthy and interesting than food on her high chair tray.” :)

getting baby to love vegetables

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