The 10 Best Goofy Baby Food Faces

The 10 Best Goofy Baby Faces

Whether you’re on the train, at work or at home, take five to see the funniest baby faces…

It’s not just you that posts hundreds of pictures of your little one’s tiny, adorable face. Truth be told, babies are adorable, and, sometimes, babies are downright hilarious when they make their silly eating faces. Here’s to all those goofy expressions [and the preceding baby messes] that make you want to put them on the side of a baby cereal box. You see how we did that… one day we’ll be saying “Oh, what a cute Amara baby”. Until then, here’s a roundup of the best funny baby faces.


“Yes, I love french fries, and no, I’m not sorry about it.”

Rock on, little man. You celebrate those crispy, golden beauties. The world is yours – seize the day… and a handful of french fries.


“Ooooh, what is this magical elixir? Is it mush or is it liquid gold?!”

That face, over and over with every new texture your baby tries. Not to mention the first time your little one tries a lemon… Watch your baby uncover the great wonders of the different tastes and textures you offer. And, make those faces, again and again (yessss!).


“How dare you give me this mush, tall human?! I will shun you for this!”

Now, not just your husband is wondering what you are feeding them, your baby is too.

Still, don’t overlook the fact that this furious baby’s off-target food matches that chic green-bib – this little darling brought stylish coordination to the high-chair.


“Oh what…I was supposed to eat this stringy stuff?”

The noodle goggles on this little one are cute and hilarious, and at least she’s handling her optical issues early... with a big old, stylish colander hat to match.

“This tastes terrible – I can’t believe that my own parents would make me eat this... Maybe if I pout a little bit, they’ll notice and swap this out for some of that squash mush and I can get on with my day.”

We’ve all been there, little buddy. Keep pouting – they’re bound to take pity on you eventually.


“I hope nobody notices that I have this delicious mush all to myself. I don’t think anyone has yet, but it’s best if I keep an eye out. Do I look as guilty as I feel?”

Yes, you do. But protect your territory, tiny kitten – sharing one’s food is serious and risky business.


“This spas-ghetti is warm and delicious. I vote for pasta as my new sleeping blankie.”

We know, little one – that’s the dream.

You’d usually need a persuasive argument to pull this off, but that adorable little smile is probably already doing the trick. But you know that – you know exactly what you’re doing, newborn mastermind.


“This stuff is wack. Why would anyone even create food like this?”

Baby food can be tough, little man. But that’s okay – you’ll survive this phase and graduate to textures soon enough. Just keep making those faces and the baby food days will be over before you know it.


“I know what it looks like, but it wasn’t me. And just in case you don’t believe me, I’m still small and adorable.”

You’ll get away with this one, sauce-covered baby. The guilty face would make anyone melt – so, you’re probably in the clear… this time.


Baby meets sour. That lemon reaction face is for sure a milestone and a future wedding slideshow photo.

Keep going, Sour Patch baby. First, it’s lemon, then it’s lime.


“Oh, man – I didn’t know anyone was home. Just be cool. Maybe they won’t notice the Nutella if I play this off well.”

They noticed, Nutella baby. They definitely noticed.

Don’t worry though, when you get older – it’s the same thing, just with a spoon and a shirt on.


Come on….There’s nothing worse than being given a spoonful of baby food when you’re trying to pose for the camera.

A picture is worth a hundred words, and baby food is probably only worth fifty. But this baby already knows that. The math has already been done in that imaginative little mind, and the numbers say that cheesin’ for the camera is the greater value.



I know, we said 10… we did 12. But we just can’t get enough. You think your baby is the next Amara baby? Send us your cutest shot or tag us @AmaraBabyFood – maybe you’re little one will be the next to be featured!



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