Kale Potato Veggie Mash - Amara Organic Foods
Kale Potato Veggie Mash - Amara Organic Foods
Kale Potato Veggie Mash - Amara Organic Foods
Kale Potato Veggie Mash - Amara Organic Foods
Kale Potato Veggie Mash - Amara Organic Foods

Kale Potato Veggie Mash

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Age: 6+ months

Texture: Stage 2

This flavor introduces baby to the wondrous world of leafy greens, easing them into it with a subtle sweetness from banana and potato’s pleasing texture. Among kale’s superpowers are its calcium that baby’s body can readily absorb and its fiber to keep things moving. A customer favorite.

Directions: Add 4-5 tablespoons breast milk, formula, or water, stir, and serve! 

Ingredients Organic potatoes, organic kale, organic bananas, organic onions

Unit: 7 Pouches. Each pouch makes 1 serving / meal of 3.5 ounces

Bonus Finger Food Recipe!: Yummy Toddler Pancakes (find on side of box)

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Customer Reviews

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Kale Potato Veggie Mash

Nice concept but baby doesn’t like

I was hopeful this would be a nice option as opposed to homemade. Unfortunately my baby isn’t taking to it. I also wish they offered more of a selection. I do however like that it can be used for toddler recipes so I will also try that in the future.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us your honest feedback. The Kale Veggie Mash has a savory flavor profile and may take a few tries for baby to develop a taste for leafy greens and veg. I find it tastes even better with a pat of melted grass-fed butter for some extra healthy fat and flavor. Also, you could try serving it slightly warm. I also find the Peas, Corn, and Carrots is a naturally sweeter intro to an all-veggie blend that baby might like better. Thanks again!
Love It

My toddler loves the Kale and Potato pancakes!

Congratulations on using the recipe on the side of the box! Each box comes with a fun recipe for the whole family. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review Susan, it helps other parents understand what we're doing here at Amara and in turn, helps us bring better baby food to more households. Thank you for your support and enjoy the taste and texture of fresh! xoxo Amara team
more veggies please

A friend gave me a pouch of the pumpkin flavor to try which I loved. We just tried the Kale and it was a big hit with my 7 month old. More veggie flavors please!

Great with butter

We've been on the kale for a while, it's nice because I feel like he's getting his veggies in. After seeing it on instagram story that you can mix it with butter though... it makes it SO good. We follow the directions on the back of the pouch with milk and then add a bit of butter. good stuff