Homemade, Made Possible

Applesauce with Maqui Berry

Fiber for Days - Helps Baby Go



Potassium Power - Grows Baby Strong


Potato Kale Mash

Leafy Lifesaver - Strengthens Baby's Bones


Oats n' Berries

Whole Grain Heaven - Soothes Tummy Upset


Tropical Mango

Vitamin C Time - Fights Off Colds


Pumpkin & Pear

A+ in Vitamin A - Supports Baby's Vision


Baby Blends

Only the Best for Your Baby

You would only ever give them the best, so only feed them the best. At Amara, we make it easy for you give your growing child the nourishment he/she needs as you start the transition to solid food. That’s why Amara is ranked the #2 Best Organic Baby Food in 2017.

At Amara, we minimally process the fruits, veggies and grains so you can get the closest thing to homemade. Then, we take out the water so you can take homemade with you, anytime, anywhere. This means you get less process, more nutrients and the same great taste and texture of homemade. From the first introductory spoonful of our organic food blends, you provide the best possible nutrition.

Perfect for On-The-Go Moms

You want to put your baby first, but reality often intrudes with multiple demands on your time. How can you meet all these responsibilities? With Amara Organic Foods you can mix a batch anywhere with breast milk, formula or water. Start shopping and fill your cart with delicious fruits and vegetables for your baby.

Organic Baby Food Blends, the closest thing to homemade. Anytime, anywhere.