Why organic?

Organic foods avoids the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones – limiting your baby’s exposure to these harmful substances. Our team takes great care in selecting excellent, certified organic, GMO free ingredients. We chose organic because it is better for your baby and the environment. We believe in an integral approach to food production that respects mutually beneficial relationships in the areas of health, environment, economy and social impact. Balancing the ties between our purchasing power, our diet, the environment and that consequences on food quality and human health. In choosing organically grown products, we choose food produced in a healthy, natural environment that avoids the use of pesticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers.

Why Amara?

Background: Moms, Dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, grandparents: our team is made up of a dynamic team of people that are all united under one cause: nutrition. NATURAL nutrition. We want to raise your babies to eat FOOD, just simple fruits and veggies with no extra additives, preservatives, vitamins or glam. What you see is what you get. No gimmicks.

We searched high and low for no additive, preservative free baby food for our kids….little did we find. So, we had no other option, we decided to set out to create the natural, organic alternative to baby food today. But, we ran into another problem along the way, in order to not add any additives, we couldn’t use the traditional ways of preserving baby food without losing some of our key nutrients. That is where we discovered our drying technique, which locks in the nutrients normally lost and allows us to bring it to the supermarket shelves near you. Proudly presenting you AMARA – organic, light, nutritious baby food.

Keeping it Simple.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

We do the best we can to keep our ingredients sourced in the USA but when we can’t find the ingredients in the USA that meet our strict standards, we source high quality, organic certified fruits and vegetables from South America or Europe.

A bit about Sonia, our chief nutrionist’s experiences…

Sonia Schiess, nutritionist PhD, is Amara's Chief Nutritionist with significant international professional experience in diet and nutrition through her studies and work experiences in Germany, Switzerland and South America. She has her masters in Human Nutrition and was involved in EU Childhood Obesity Project where she analyzed specifically the infant's complementary feeding habits through comparing the introduction habits of solids and liquids in infants across different countries. With Sonia's valuable experience, she helps supervise and guide the development of the best products for your little ones.


How should I store AMARA products?

Store in a dry, cool place at room temperature. When you open it, make sure you eat all in one sitting!

What is the shelf life of AMARA products?

The shelf life is 12-18 months and is printed on the bottom of every box and on the back of every pouch.

15 grams in a pouch (! ! !) – tell me more about the size

Lightweight:Our stage 1 makes 2.5 oz of baby food when you mix it fresh with breastmilk, formula or water and our stage 2 baby food makes 3.5 oz when rehydrated. While each pouch each powder – each flavor has a very different texture when rehydrated, it’s hard to believe it until you taste it but feel free to reach out if you have any question. Lightweight: Our products are the closest you can get to fresh, are easy to handle, and are much lighter than any traditional jars or squeeze pouches. They come in 15 to 50 gram pouches (depending on your baby’s age and the products re-constitution rate). Each box comes with the pouches inside – perfect for a week supply! They take up less space in your home and at the supermarket - a great advantage in carrying them home or for any excursion or travel.

What ingredients do you use?

Keeping our goal in mind to provide the most nutritious and natural baby food to your infant, our premium products are based on fresh and organic ingredients. We use fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Our unique method of preservation lets us keep the original goodness and to preserve the natural state of the ingredients. We avoid unnecessary procedures, pesticides, and additives, GMOs and maintain the original natural taste of each food included (no salt or sugar added!).

What is freeze drying?

When we started we wanted: quality, nutritious, organic, GIMMICK free food for our infants. Then we realized to do this on a large scale we would need to find a way to preserve our yummy recipes without greatly altering its flavors, aromas, nutrients and essential structure of the food. That is how we found out about freeze drying.

In the freeze drying, pressure is applied at low temperatures which allow water evaporation inside the food to pass directly to the gaseous state. Ice evaporates without passing through the liquid state (known as sublimation). Sciencey jargon aside – this complex process allows us to preserve the original structure of the food AND lock in the essential nutrients because we don’t apply high amounts of heat that typically is used in baby food processing. Our drying technique preserves the original GOODNESS and essential NUTRIENTS held in the fruits, vegetables and grains.

This drying process allows us to keep the size, shape, color, smell and flavor while keeping those nutrients intact! As a plus, up to 98% of the moisture of the food is removed so the food is light, safer (enzymes and microorganisms need moisture to live), smaller carbon footprint, little storage space and easy to carry! We make the baby food like you would at home so some ingredients are made with different processes as they may need to be gently cooked to be safe for your baby (for example, potatoes).

What packaging do you use? What are the pouches made of?

Our pouches are composed of three layers that protect the ingredients from sunlight and humidity, as our ingredients are light and humidity sensitive.

Still have questions? Contact us at hello@amaraorganicfoods.com

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