Plant-Based Yogurt Smoothie Melts Variety Pack

(12 or 24 Pack)

$4.79 A Meal (24-Pack)

At Amara, we deliver a clean label with the highest quality ingredients:

No Additives

No Added Sugars

Simple, Clean Ingredients

100% Organic, Non-GMO

What's Included

  • 6 Packages of Mango Carrots
  • 6 Pcakages of Carrot Raspberry



Mango Carrots:Organic mango, organic coconut milk, organic carrots
Carrot Raspberry:Organic apple, organic coconut milk, organic carrots, organic raspberries

How To Use

Add 4-5 tablespoons breast milk, formula, or water, stir, and serve!

Yogurt melts, but better

No added sugar

Simple, clean ingredients

100% Organic, non-GMO

Plant-based options available*

Perfect for tiny hands

Easy to pick up

Learn to self-feed

Practice pincer grip

Improve hand-eye coordination

Anytime is yogurt melt time

Lightweight, resealable bags

No refrigeration needed

No mess

Guilt-free and delicious

Why We're Better

✔ Zero Added Sugar

Whether in the car or at the park, these smoothie melts keep little hands busy and little tummies full - minus the sugar crash.

✔ Convenient

Conveniently packaged in a resealable bag, you can offer a handful at a time, and save the rest for the next snack emergency.

✔ Safe & Fun

Amara to the rescue! Perfect for honing that pincer grasp and with NO ADDED SUGAR, our melts are sure to save the day.

Winner Again & Again!

Happy Babies, Toddlers & Parents

Amara's foods are packed with nutrition. Traditional baby food found in jars and pouches are generally cooked, and processed. Amara’s baby food is different. Their unique dehydration technique doesn’t use high heat. It’s a difference you can smell and taste.

- Nicky

This baby food is absolutely amazing...If you’re looking for something

your baby will love and is so healthy for them then look no further,

my little man loves this and so will yours!

- Brittany

This baby food is the best brand there smells and tastes JUST like a real banana. My 4 month old girl LOVED it and ate the whole thing! The company is also nice, which is also very important to me when I become a lifetime customer.

- Karlie