Our Advantages

Rich in Nutrients

Our unique form of preservation retains the raw fruit and vegetables' original nutrients and aroma. Outside of using homemade, fresh, certified organic food, AMARA is your most nutritious option.

Easy to Prepare

Simply add breast milk, formula, or water and it's ready for your baby to eat! Our lightweight pouch slips into your pocket or purse and is the prefect way to guarantee a wholesome meal for your baby without the hassle.

Minimally Processed

Minimally processed produce and grains provide your baby with wholesome, nourishing meals. Many baby foods - in both jars and pouches - are repeatedly cooked and/or treated with high heat, drained and extensively processed, concentrating sugar levels and compromising nutrition, flavor, and texture. Amara does it differently.

One step away from fresh homemade. Easy prep and easy to pack - slip a few pouches into your diaper bag and get on with your busy day.

Why Choose Amara

It’s easy to see why Amara was ranked the second best baby food of 2017. In addition to being delicious, our food has a number of health benefits that teach children how to eat right early on. We use tasty organic ingredients, high-tech preparation, and unique packaging that makes food easy to prepare and serve. Find out why Amara makes the best baby food for your child, (the second best to homemade organic baby food you make yourself).


Amara baby food starts with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. We use organic fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides, so that you can be confident that your baby is eating only natural foods. These foods are rich in nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that growing bodies need to thrive. Plus, Amara only uses whole food ingredients, no additives or fillers here, just the pure fruits and vegetables your baby needs for healthy growth. Our unique technique also uses less process than traditional baby food highly pasteurized purees, this means less sugar and more nutrients than the traditional baby food.


Most baby food is prepared using high levels of repeated heat, the standard method for preserving food in jars or sealed packages. However, Amara uses a unique technique that uses cold and pressure to lock in the essential nutrients and goodness of the fruits and vegetables. This method of making baby food has a number of nutritional advantages. It prevents fruit and vegetables from being damaged in repeated high heat processes, which means that more nutrients and other healthy stuff stays intact.

Taste & Texture

Parents can always rest easy when they know their children are eating nutritious food, but food should also taste great as well. Baby food from Amara comes in a variety of exciting flavors that kids love and the texture of the real fruits and vegetables. All babies know that the best tasting food is made by mom or dad with lots of love, but parents don’t always have time to prepare their own baby food. Fortunately, Amara is the best alternative available to homemade baby food.

To find out more about getting some of the healthiest, most delicious baby food available, contact Amara with your questions and comments.