Pretty in Pink Pack

Amara Organic Foods

With love in the air, delight your kiddo with our Pretty in Pink pack. Our delicious Oats, Mango n’ Strawberry oatmeal and Mixed Red Berries smoothie melts come together to make a pinkalicious duo!

What's Included:

6 pack of Mixed Red Berries smoothie melts

2 pack Oats, Mango n' Strawberry 

Customize for your baby

Want a thinner puree or chunkier texture? With Amara, you can customize each puree to your baby’s liking. Simply add more or less liquid until you’ve reached your desired texture–and mealtime success!

Just mix with breast milk, formula, or water

Mixing up Amara is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply add a few tablespoons of the liquid of your choice (we like breast milk, formula or water), mix, and it’s ready to enjoy!

Simplify the transition to solids

Rest easy knowing our infant nutritionist and chef have teamed up to create age-appropriate, nutrient dense meals for your budding foodie. Choose from our hand-selected variety packs to meet your baby’s individual needs.

Why We're Better

Winner Again & Again!

Winner Best Baby Food for Introducing Solids

Winner best baby food

Winner best baby food

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Nutrition that’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Just mix with breast milk, formula, or water…

… and serve!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1144 reviews
Baby loves these puffs

My baby loves when I pull out these puffs. Makes for an easy snack at home or on the go.


Never received item

Debby Pesta

These baby foods are the very best!! Love that they won't spoil right away like jarred baby foods. So easy to travel with, too. Our little girl loves all of them, even the veggies since they added fruit to it. Will order more for sure!!

Angelina Dreimiller

Happy with this product! Daughter loves it and healthy option

Kristen Robbins
The ABSOLUTE best melts

My 11 month old claps and is pure joy when I bring these out! My 3 year old loves them too! These are hands down the best melts we have tried. They use pure ingredients and no added sugar which is making my mama heart happy. I have been looking for a melt that has minimal ingredients and fruits and veggies that are real. So happy we found these!


Our patented nutrition protection technology (NPT) preserves whole foods in their original structure. With the help of NPT, the whole-food ingredients we use retain their flavor, texture, and color — and because NPT doesn’t fundamentally alter food composition, Amara baby foods contain less natural sugar. 

Our products contain no binding agents and no added sugars. We always use the best whole ingredients to bring the benefits of fresh, homemade food direct to your table — with all the ease and convenience of packaged food. We promise that you and your baby will see, smell, and taste the difference.

Yes, of course! All our baby food meals and snacks are certified organic and non gmo.

Amara’s designed with your baby in mind. Customized for your baby’s development - just mix with breastmilk, formula or water to the consistency that’s right for your baby. Our proprietary NPT technology removes water from whole foods to ensure shelf stability — strange as it may seem, our powder baby food is more fresh, more nutrient-dense, and more flavorful than traditional baby foods. It’s easy to prepare, easy to store, and requires 12x less packaging!

Every one of our suppliers meets annual third-party federal requirements and compliance regulations for heavy metals and organic certification, as well as food safety benchmarks and external food safety audits established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Heavy metals exist naturally in soil and water and are found in all foods that grow in the ground (aka, fruits, veggies, and grains). That’s why all of Amara’s foods use 100% certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, which likely have lower levels of heavy metals due to the higher standards for farming practices. If you’re concerned about heavy metals in your baby’s food, you can read more about how to minimize exposure here.

Nope! You don’t have to worry about keeping Amara pouches cold, refrigerating, or thawing — you can simply store at room temperature. We know parenting can be unpredictable; Amara is designed to be ready wherever and whenever you need it.