5 Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Your preschooler is probably a little too young to have his or her own smartphone. However, there are plenty of educational apps you can download onto your phone or tablet and give to your youngster when boredom settles in. Here are a few great ones to try out.

1. Moose Math

Get your child interested in math early on. Moose Math provides a fun environment to teach kids about subtraction, addition and sorting. It even gets into geometry a little bit. The app even provides parents with a report card, so you can track your preschooler’s progress.

2. Spell With Pip

Teach your child how to spell common words with Spell With Pip. This app utilizes research done by Oxford Dictionary to find what words are toughest for kids to spell. With entertaining, interactive gameplay, your children will not even realize the game is teaching them something.

3. Have You Heard

Storytime is important to kids, and you can take it to the next level with Have You Heard. Narrated by Rhys Darby, this story even ends with a short quiz to test your youngster’s memory. Your child will want to listen to Have You Heard over and over again.

4. Tale of Tales

It is good to encourage creativity in children early on. Tale of Tales allows kids to create their own stories. There are hundreds of possible combinations, and your preschooler can create a story involving witches, pirates and a lot more.

5. Damki Town

You will never be without a coloring book again once you download Damki Town. This app features a bunch of fun, colorful characters. Your preschooler can get used to drawing. There is even an undo button, so your child can get a picture just right.

If you are going to give your child an app, then at least make it educational. Support your toddler’s education with a healthy diet consisting of Amara Organic Baby Food products. See what all you can get for your preschooler by reaching out through our online contact form.

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