At What Age Can I Give My Baby Oats?

The introduction of oats and solid foods is an important milestone in your baby’s life. You don’t want to introduce them too soon, or you risk them developing food sensitivities, watery stools and discomfort. You should also avoid giving your baby any solid foods until they are between four and six months old. This is when their nutritional needs start to change. They need more iron, fiber and protein in their diet.

Signs of First Food Readiness

Once your baby is old enough to start eating solids, pay attention to their developmental milestones. Cues you should watch for that indicate they may be ready for oats and solid foods include:

  • Able to move his/her tongue back and forth when touched by a spoon
  • Raise and turn his or her head right and left
  • Push and hold his/her self up while on their tummy
  • Sit with little support

You may feel tempted to start feeding your child different kinds of foods, but you should take a much slower approach to the process. Oatmeal is a very nutritious first food for babies because it is high in fiber, iron, protein and antioxidant properties. It promotes healthy skin, hair and digestion. It also helps to boost heart health, energy levels and regulate blood sugar.

How to Feed Your Baby Oats

When giving your baby oats, make sure they are the right consistency. Since your baby is just starting on solids, you should prepare them so they are a thin consistency. You can use less milk and water to thicken it up as they get older. Feed them a little at a time. Watch your child closely to see how they like it. Pay attention to your child’s stools. If your child develops diarrhea, you should inform their doctor and hold off on solid foods for a short while longer.

Once your baby starts eating oats, he or she will be ready to enjoy a variety of solid foods shortly. Contact us to learn which Amara Organic Foods are best suited for your child’s age.

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