5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Babies

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Babies | Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Parents | 1-3 Month Old Baby Care

They probably warned you against it, they probably told you about the sleepless night but unfortunately, no one ever reallytells you what you need to know about babies, do they? Check out these 5 nifty tips for newborn baby care. 

1. Babyproofing

Babyproofing your home allows your baby to be a baby safely…and it prevents them from cooking dinner (but don’t you wish they could?!)

Use gates, locks, and knob covers for those dangerous areas.  Lock away sharp and heavy objects in high places.  Like a kitten, your baby will dig their paws into tablecloths and yank them down – put the tablecloths away.

Baby vs. Furniture matches are avoidable.  Secure furniture prone to toppling and flat-screen TVs to the walls, and don’t forget to place corner and edge guards on your furniture.

2. Toys

When selecting toys, pay attention to the age recommendations on the tags.  Larger toys prevent accidental swallowing, and lighter toys reduce the chances for bodily injury.   

3. Diaper-rash

Diaper rash occurs when a baby’s delicate skin touches their urine and stool. 

Ease your poor darling’s torment by using fragrance-free/hypoallergenic baby wipes, air-drying before using another diaper, applying cornstarch to promote drying, and using zinc oxide-based diaper cream to protect their sensitive skin. 

4. Solid foods

When are babies ready for solids?

If their tongue-thrust reflex has disappeared, they might be ready.  Babies that can sit up well independently may also be ready for solid food.  Agreeability to chewing is another sign that they might be ready.

Additionally, your bundle of joy’s enthusiasm regarding solid food could just be the brightest green light of all. We have a few blogs about when to start solids with your baby and signs that your baby is ready to start solids if you want more information.

5. Bathing

Don’t wash your newborn every day – over-bathing your 1-3 month baby strips their skin of natural oils and dries it out.  Bathing your little one 2-3 times a week keeps them fresh and healthy.

Don’t forget mama, you’ve got the inspiration and brain power that you need to keep up with the little one and you don’t need any expensive gadgets to make you a better mom. All they need is you. The rest is just picking up little tips and tricks along the way to help you help them.

Enjoy these first couple months with your baby, they may be a bit sleepless and a bit chaotic at times but don’t forget to enjoy these precious moments with your tiny human. 

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