Checklist for Successfully Baby-Proofing Your Home

Learning you’re going to have a child is undoubtedly exciting, but new parents are likely to have more than a few concerns about the overall state of their home when it comes to their new child’s safety. Amara is here to feed your baby and help you take steps to properly baby-proof your home to ease your worries and provide the newest member of your family with a safe space to grow and explore her or his curiosity.

The Bathroom

One of the first things you’ll want to do in the bathroom is put safety locks and guards on the toilet to keep your child from peeking inside. You should also be sure to lock up cabinets that contain prescriptions, medicine or anything else that might prove harmful to your child.

In case your child turns on the faucet or shower, it’s best to have a professional plumber come to your home to install anti-scald devices to prevent avoidable burns and properly regulate the temperature of the water.

The Bedroom

As you’re looking for the perfect crib for your child, be sure it adheres to the latest safety regulations set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Ensure the area around the crib is free of cords, and that you don’t position the crib near a window if you can help it. Speaking of windows, be sure you install window guards as well.

The Kitchen

It’s best to use knob covers to keep your child from accidentally turning on the stove. We also recommend you put a safety cover over your garbage disposal to keep babies from reaching inside. Finally, any drawers that contain knives, dangerous utensils or scissors should be secured with safety locks or latches.

The Living Room and the Rest of Your Home

All electrical outlets should be covered up, and it’s also a good idea for you to put up safety gates. Check the length of window-blinds and phone cords to avoid accidents.

For more tips on making your home as baby friendly as possible, contact us here at Amara’s Organic Baby Food.

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