5 Tips to Improve Toddler Play Skills

Around 18 months, you may decide it is time to start having play dates with your toddler. It is vital to establish good socialization skills early on so that your child will be ready for kindergarten when that time comes. Here are some ways you can assist your toddler in learning valuable play skills.

1. Show Gentleness

On your own, you want to show your child how to gently handle toys. If you have a pet, then you would want to demonstrate how you pet the animal softly. This will help with your toddler’s motor skill development because he or she is learning how much strength is necessary for certain actions.

2. Understand Developmental Stages

There are different forms of play. You want to work your way up steadily with the following stages.

  • Solitary Play: Child plays alone with no one else around.
  • Parallel Play: Child plays around someone else, but they are not doing the same activity.
  • Associative Play: Child plays same game as another, but they do not have to work together.
  • Cooperative Play: Child plays together with someone else.

3. Monitor Closely

Whenever your toddler is playing with someone else, you want to monitor the situation. Between 18 and 24 months, toddlers cannot fully grasp the concept of sharing. This is when you want to begin instilling that concept within them.

4. Move More Often

Communicating with your toddler is important. However, you want to demonstrate how to play certain games because your child is more likely to pick up on actions. When you do talk, try to keep it to short phrases.

5. Understand Your Child

No one knows your toddler better than you do. If you do not think your child is ready for a play date, then do not pressure him or her into doing it. Work at whatever pace is best for your growing toddler.

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