5 Healthy Toddler Lunch Ideas

Once your baby becomes a toddler, he or she may be going off to daycare for most of the day. You want to pack healthy lunches for your toddler. Cognitive development starts early, so make sure to incorporate brain-boosting ingredients in lunches.

1. Almond Butter, Banana and Honey Sandwich

Instead of plain old peanut butter, crank your sandwiches up a notch by using almond butter. Drizzle a tiny bit of honey onto the sandwich and then lay some banana slices on top. This contains an excellent mix of protein, fiber and potassium.

2. Avocado Egg Salad

Mash avocados and hard-boiled eggs together until it has a smooth consistency. You will want to add just a tiny bit of salt and lemon juice for flavor. Pair it with crackers or pita pockets. You can even add a fruit, such as an apple, as a sweet treat.

3. Peanut Butter, Cheddar and Apple Sandwich

Another great sandwich idea is to enhance a standard peanut butter sandwich by adding slices of cheddar cheese and apple slices. Instead of using white bread, you can split a focaccia square.

4. Turkey Pinwheel

Spread a thin layer of hummus onto a whole wheat tortilla. Spread some spinach leaves and a couple slices of turkey meal, and then cut it up. This meal goes great with some fruit or a few cheese cubes.

5. Yogurt with Berries and Oats

Your toddler can have breakfast for lunch with this tasty treat. Mix a few oats and organic berries into a yogurt. To make sure your child is getting enough nutrients, you can also add some thawed peas or sliced fresh vegetables.

Your toddler will have delicious, nutritious meals every day at daycare with a few simple recipes. Before daycare, you can get your baby stared on the right foot by using Amara Organic Foods. Feel free to contact us at 267-981-6411 to learn more about our selection of organic baby foods and our cold pressure drying method.

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