6 Fall Food Crafts for Kids

fall food crafts for kids


This week we’re sharing some of our favorite fall edible craft projects for kids — each of these requires little to no prep work, is easy enough to do with children as young as toddlers, and features healthy, diverse foods to make for a nourishing and yummy snack when you’re all done. 

Have fun, friends! 


  • Pumpkin Clementines

  • This is as easy as it gets, folks — just peel a clementine and stick a cut celery stalk in the middle for the stem and voila, you’ve got an edible mini pumpkin! 

    If you have a slightly older child, you could also skip the peeling and the celery stalk stem and decorate whole clementines with Jack O'Lantern faces using a Sharpie — just make sure to let them dry before handling because the ink can and will smudge. 

    Note: This^ works with other citrus, too — swap in a tangerine or an orange if you want.  

    veggie skeleton

  • Skeleton or Pumpkin Veggie Tray 

  • Skeleton: Use raw veggies to arrange a tray in the shape of a skeleton. Pair with a yogurt dip or homemade hummus for a dose of protein. 

    Pumpkin: Arrange baby carrots in a circle on a plate (or fill a bowl) and use other cut veggies (cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc.) to make a Jack O’Lantern face. Serve this up with hummus for dipping! 


    green apple monster
  • Green Apple Monsters

  • This might be a little more Halloween-themed than strictly autumnal, but sue me — kids really get a kick out of these cute apple monsters. 

    Quarter a green apple and cut out a thin middle slice for the mouth. Smear nut butter on the inside, and use a strawberry slice for a tongue and pumpkin or sunflower seeds for teeth. Some people use candy eyes, but we like the option to use banana slivers with a chocolate chip for the eyeballs. 

    owl rice cake

  • Owl Rice Cakes 

  • These are so stinking cute and so stinking easy — spread nut butter on a rice cake to start, and position two thin apple slices on either side for the wings. At the top, place two banana slices with a blueberry on top for the eyes, and a little strawberry sliver just beneath for the nose. In the remaining space, sprinkle cereal, nuts, raisins, or seeds to fill out the “body.”  

  • Energy Bite Acorns

  • This one does require that you make energy bites ahead of time — but otherwise there is very little in terms of prep. To make energy bites, all you need to do is mix oats, nut butter, and some dates or banana in a food processor (possibly water to adjust the texture). If you’d like a recipe, here’s a good one

    You want to make sure you shape the energy bites into balls (these are going to be the acorns) rather than cookies, just a note. Spread nut butter just on the tops (if you want to, you could darken the hue by mixing in some baking cocoa) and push a pretzel stick in through the middle, and that’s it! 


    edible pretzel trees

  • Edible Autumn Trees

  • This is another super fun and easy project for a fall afternoon. Simply use pretzel sticks and berries to arrange a colorful edible fall foliage display on a tray or plate, and enjoy! 

    What are your favorite fall food crafts to work on with your kids?

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    I really enjoyed this blog post. My favorite idea is the veggie skeleton! Wow, I would love for that to entice my kid to eat veggies!! And all these ideas are super easy and quick!

    – Emilie November 07, 2023

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