8 Ways to Workout When You Have a Toddler

When you have a toddler, certain activities, such as going to the gym, may fall to the wayside. Fortunately, you do not have to give up exercise completely. There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat even when you have a little one.

4 Exercises at Home

You can get in a great workout at your house. Here are some excellent exercises to try.

  • Crawl:When your toddler crawls, you do not have to wait by the sidelines. Get in on the action. It is great for your abdominals.
  • Dance: Put on your toddler’s favorite songs, and turn your living room into a dance floor.
  • Exercise Videos: You can find some great exercise videos on YouTube. Most of these you can without equipment or with things you can easily find around the house.
  • Yoga: It is easy to get a yoga mat and the right clothes and have your house serve as a yoga studio. In 10 minutes, you can get in a great workout.

4 Exercises Out and About

There are ways to exercise outside of the home, too. Try to see if you can fit these into your schedule.

  • Jog Around the Block:A quick jog around the neighborhood can really work wonders. You can do it first thing in the morning before your toddler wakes up.
  • Get a Jogging Stroller: You can take your toddler on jogs with you. You can go at a brisk pace while your child enjoys a fun ride.
  • Change Your Commute: You can start biking to work instead of driving. If your toddler’s preschool is nearby, then you two could walk over there.
  • Go to the Gym: If nothing else, then you can set aside time to hit the gym for an hour. Plan this out well in advance with your partner, so you know you can leave for a little bit.

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