Amara's Holiday Gift Guide


THEME: OOTD Parent(outfit of the day)

For the fashionista parent you know — give the gift of a no-fuss, on-trend outfit. We prefer pieces that are easy to mix and match and work for boys and girls alike — like these adorable knit booties from Colored Organics, this sweater and leggings set from Hanna Andersson, and the cutest little checkered trucker hat there is from Brave Little Ones. 😍


1. Colored Organics (shoes)Discount code: AMARA20

2. Hannah Andersson (Baby Holiday Sweater Knit Top & Legging Set)

3. Brave Little Ones (Checkered Lightning Bolt Trucker Hat) Discount code: Christmastake15



THEME: Foodie Parent

Ditch the cliche personalized cutting boards and cheese plates this year… For the foodie parents you know, consider giving the gift of healthy, convenient baby food and toddler snacks from Amara, this adorable and easy-to-follow cookbook from Baby Foode, or this practical forage feeder that exposes babies to fun flavors safely from Moss and Fawn.

  1. Amara - (organic baby food & toddler snacks) Discount code: GUIDE2023*15% off sitewide
  2. Baby Foode (cookbook) 
  3. Moss and Fawn (forage feeder)



THEME: Techie Parent

For the high-tech friends and family in your life, we love multifunctional everyday products that streamline tasks, make life easier, and bring people together. Check out the Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer to eliminate the (neverending) hassle of prepping bottles; the Hubble Connected Nursery for a baby monitor that doubles as an interactive educational device; and Aura Digital Frames for easy, one-step photo-sharing (*highly recommended for grandparents, too!).

  1. Baby Brezza (One Step™ Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer Advanced)
  2. Hubble Connected Nursery Pal (Deluxe Baby Monitor)
  3. Aura Frames (digital frame)



THEME: Organized Parent

Parenthood is: one half child care, one half being a server/cleaner/camp counselor/chauffeur, and one half ORGANIZING. We always think organizing gear makes for a great gift because it’s the kind of stuff everyone wants but no one wants to spend money on… A few of our favorites in this department are the Baby Nest Design closet hangers (yes, really); Babymoov Glass Food Storage Containers (these are the BEST, seriously); and mDesign Fabric Drawer dividers, which are great for all kinds of tricky spaces (not just drawers!), ranging from cluttered entryway shelves to changing tables to nightstands and dresser tops.

  1. Baby Nest Designs (20x Baby Hangers for Closet) 

  2. Babymoov (Glass Food Storage Containers) 

  3. mDesign (Fabric Drawer Divider)



THEME: Outdoorsy Parent

There’s one in every crowd, LOL — for all the families you know that abide by the Scandinavian proverb that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” outdoor gear makes a great gift! We love the Ilksplor baby adventure onesie (it’s merino wool, the real deal), the Green Sprouts iPlay sun protection hat (it’s super cute, provides tons of coverage and ties on under the chin), and the Deuter Kid Comfort Hiking Carrier (this thing is truly built to last — you can expect it to survive well into and through the toddler years).

  1. Iksplor (baby adventure onesie)

  2. Green Sprouts (Flap Sun Protection Hat)Discount code: AMARA15HAT *applies to all hats through the end of the year

  3. Deuter (Kid Comfort Carrier) 



THEME: Holistic Parent

For the eco-minded mamas you know, we suggest some minimalist, practical items (less is more) that are crafted with extra care, such as the Bamboobies washable (aka reusable) nursing pads (*note: use the code HOLIDAY30 at checkout for ****?); this beautiful 5-piece bath/skin gift set for babies from Earth Mama (does it come in grown-up size?); or the Bambino Mio reusable cloth diaper set (not for the faint of heart, hah — don’t get this one unless you know you’re purchasing for a cloth-diaper convert or veteran!).

  1. Bamboobies (Washable Nursing Pads)Discount code: HOLIDAY30*30% off ALL products + free nursing pads with every order
  2. Earth Mama (A little something for baby)Discount code: amarababyfood*Discount: 15% off regularly priced purchases (does not include bundles), US orders only - Offer expires 12/31/22
  3. Bambino Mio (Miosolo All-In-One Reusable Cloth Diaper Set) 



THEME: Traveling Parent

There are a ton of utilitarian items that can make or break travel, and these three pieces are total lifesavers for anyone you know who will be traveling with a baby: the EZPZ fun mini mat (amazing for airplanes, dining out, and grandparents’ homes), the WavHello SoundBub (an adorable and high-quality portable sound machine that is perfect for the car, outings, and formal travel as well), and the luxe-but-affordable Guava Lotus Travel Crib, the Cadillac of travel bassinets (it’s lightweight,easy, and ultra-portable).

  1. Ezpz (Fun Mini Mat) 

  2. WavHello (SoundBub) 

  3. Guava Lotus (Travel Crib) Guava's Holiday Sale going on NOW



THEME: Newborn Parent

If you’re looking for something thoughtful to give the parent (or soon-to-be parent!) of a newborn this holiday season, may we recommend: a good swaddle (our fave is the Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle, designed by the renowned pediatrician and baby sleep guru Dr. Harvey Karp), a classic baby toy (such as the Loulou Lollipop Bubble Silicone and Wood Rattle — it’s an old-school yet sophisticated take on this infant staple), and some good muslin blankets (such as this adorable sensory 3-pack from Etta Loves).

  1. Happiest Baby (Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle) 

  2. Loulou Lollipop (Bubble Silicone and Wood Rattle)

  3. Etta Loves (3- Pack Plant Print Muslins)


Looking for a fun stocking stuffer without all of the sugar? Look no further than Amara's Yogurt Smoothie Melts! With 3 kid-friendly flavors, like Mango Carrots, Carrot Raspberry, and Beets n' Berries, your kiddo will be delighted to get these snacks in their stocking (and you'll be tickled that they have 0g added sugar). 



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