Feeling Guilty Mama? Don't.

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Before being a "good" mom meant making sure your little one had enough to eat, a roof to sleep under and warm clothes to wear. Look up what being a "good mom" is today in the 21st century, there are blogs about it; books about how to be the best parent; parenting techniques; classes you can take, the list goes on. Now being a "good mom" means you need to not just provide the basics for your little one... Please also keep a scrapbook, use recycled organic onesies, cloth diapers, organic home cooked meals, monitor the sleeping patterns, the poo consistency, the classical music, speak to your little one in multiple languages (but not too many), the list goes on. It's enough to keep you busy, no?

It's also enough to keep you stressed out and thinking about how much you need to do to be a "good mom" (like that one mom in your yoga class that seems to do it all right (she even showers!).

Don't. Stop feeling guilty mama. We hear all too many moms feeling like they aren't doing enough, aren't good enough, need to do more. We fill Pinterest boards with all the beautiful things we are going to do with our nursery, the creative toys we are going to make our kids; we share articles across Facebook about the best ways to raise your perfect baby. As if having a baby wasn't enough. Now, we aren't saying that cloth diapers or classical music aren't wonderful but just remember, they aren't everything.

A friend recently told me that the most helpful advice someone gave her when she was pregnant was "you have everything you need". You have the warmth, you have the love, you have the food. You have all the nurturing you need for that little one from the moment he/she is born. From the moment they step into this world, they have everything they need. Remember that, no amount of Beethoven can take that away from you.

We know there is a huge pressure today to keep on top of the baby prints and the photos around the house and the best car seats; but among all that stress, just remember that you can be you and your little one won't remember the brand of stroller they were nestled into - it's the walk that counts. It's those little moments where you give them your all and you are there, with them that count.

Thank you mamas, for being you.

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