Teething Guide and Timeline

Amara wants to not only provide your baby with healthy, great-tasting organic food, we also want to provide you with great tips that can help during the course of raising your little one. Teething is a major event for parents and babies, and a little guidance can most certainly go a long way for new parents as well as those who already have kids with a full (or partial) set of teeth.

The Signs and Symptoms

Some of the indications that your child might be teething include:

  • Biting
  • Drooling
  • Rubbing their gums
  • Inability to sleep
  • Sucking
  • Bad mood
  • Facial rash

Additionally, you may notice your baby prefers the bottle rather than eating from a spoon, mainly because swollen gums can be irritated by the touch of a spoon. You might also notice your little one tugs at her or his ears, mainly because the discomfort in the jaw works its way to the ears. Now that you know the signs that your child might be teething, you’re likely curious as to when you can expect these symptoms.

The Timeline

Most babies start teething between four and seven months. It’s the two bottom middle teeth, also known as the lower central incisors, that come in first. You might also notice your child’s gums are swollen and red. At eight to 12 months, the upper middle teeth start to make their way through the gums, but girls commonly grow these teeth before boys do.

Nine to 16 months is when both the bottom and top teeth next to the middle teeth start to grow, and 13 to 19 months is when the bottom and top molars emerge. It’s best that you take your child to her or his first dental appointment at the age of one, where the dentist will look for signs of decay and give you proper oral care and feeding habits.

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