Green Mama speaks up about healthy organic baby food

Amara Baby Food is a new brand of natural and organic food for your tot.

The unique drying technique renders the meal into a powder without the use of synthetics, stabilizers, or preservatives. Just add water, formula, or breastmilk and presto! Instant baby food! Since it has no moisture it has a long shelf life and can hang out in your bag without leaking until you need it.

We tried Amara’s Banana flavoured baby food and loved it.


What's To Love?:

– perfect for travelling

– natural and organic

– no preservatives

– baby-friendly flavours


Overall Rating:


Health Rating:


Organic and additive free is the way to go for baby’s first foods. Many pre-made baby foods are highly processed and filled with chemicals to keep their shelf life long. Most major brands aren’t organic and have a long list of natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients. This is why so many mom’s choose to make their own first foods for their babies. It is one of the only ways to truly control what your baby is consuming.

Amara is closer to real raw fruits and vegetables than other baby food on the market because it is dried instead of being cooked, cooled and processed. This helps it retain the nutrients found in the unaltered versions of our favourite fruits and veggies.

Amara is USDA Certified Organic and part of The Non-GMO Verification Project. It has no additives, not even salt and sugar, and is a great healthy option for the times when making your own baby food from scratch is unrealistic or downright impossible!


Design Rating:


It can feel a bit “space age” at first if you aren’t used to hiking food, but when you factor in the portability, price-point and organic nature of the product this detail is well worth it. The texture isn’t terrible, Henry loved each bite of his Banana Amara.

It’s also great for airplane travel where liquid restrictions are in place. The ultimate airplane snack for babies.


Carbon Rating:


Amara Foods are lighter than traditional baby food. The removal of liquid in the freeze drying process and the minimal packaging make the pouches half as heavy than traditional jars of pre made baby food! This is good news when it comes to burning fossil fuels during global food transportation.


Waste Rating:


Because of the preservative free nature of the product, Amara Baby Food is sensitive to heat and light and is therefore packaged accordingly. This keeps the product fresh and safe but means that post consumer recycled paper packaging is not an option.


Value Rating:


You can absolutely make homemade organic baby food using market fresh ingredients for less than a package of Amara Foods. But sometimes for busy parents on the go, time is more precious than money. The value in Amara Foods lies in it’s convenience and it’s health-forward approach to pre-made kid food, not it’s price tag.

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