Mommy Scene Tastes the Difference with Amara

May 2015

By Katie, from Mommy Scene.

Amara baby food is an easy, healthy option for feeding your baby. It's pretty much just like fresh pureed baby food, but freeze dried! Freeze drying preserves nutrients and maximizes convenience since this baby food comes in a small packet. Just add water and it's time for lunch!

We tried out Amara banana organic dried baby food. It's made for babies 6 months and older. My baby is a huge fan of bananas, and I don't think she noticed the difference between this and freshly mashed banana! I found it simple to dump the packet into a bowl, add the amount of water per the instructions, and mix it up. After a few minutes, the freeze dried food absorbs the water and thickens into regular baby food.

Amara baby food packets are ideal for tucking into a purse or diaper bag. They are also great for using for travel and for feeding your baby on the airplane, since they don't spoil and don't count as a liquid quantity, often restricted by the airlines. If you've experienced a baby food container opening or cracking in your bag, you'll appreciate the no-mess solution these freeze dried baby food packets offer for mealtime.

Amara banana baby food was a hit with my 7-month-old. She gobbled it right up! Amara baby food is best to be fully consumed in one sitting. Since the food absorbs water and is the freshest after it's mixed, it doesn't have the best shelf life. I found any leftovers got a bit "brown" just like real bananas do. It also made me wonder what kind of preservatives store-bought baby foods contain to allow them to last in the refrigerator several days after opening. I definitely prefer the fresher option that Amara freeze dried food offers. If you don't think your baby will eat the whole contents of the packet, only make half of it for one feeding.

Amara's mission is to provide nutritious, organic, convenient baby food from a company parents can trust. The freeze dried food line includes selections for 6, 8, and 12 months. Combinations include Apple-Maqui Berry, Tropical Mango, Apple, Winter Squash, and Oats n' Berries. Amara is working on coming up with new combinations too!

In the freeze drying, pressure is applied at low temperatures which allow water evaporation inside the food to pass directly to the gaseous state. This drying process keeps the size, shape, color, smell and flavor of the nutrients intact.

Amara doesn't include sugar, salt or preservatives in their foods. Because it's the real thing, lumping may naturally occur. The banana baby food we sampled offered the same nutrients found in real bananas — filled with potassium and fiber, as well as high in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2. Amara baby food can be mixed with water, or with breast milk or formula — whatever your little one loves best! What other baby food is so customizable to your child's needs?

Amara's drying technique preserves the original goodness and nutrients found in raw food, as well as avoiding altering the chemical process of the nutrients. Amara looks, tastes, and smells just like the real fruits and vegetables! Check out Amara freeze dried baby food for yourself and let us know how your little one likes this yummy food!

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