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Need a break from Raffi and Laurie Berkner? We get it. If you're a music lover, you probably can't wait for the day you can share your favorite songs and bands with your kids. Now you don't have to wait years to jam out to Radiohead, Pink, and even hip hop legends like Kanye West with your baby. Enter Rockabye Baby.

They are an incredible collection of popular covers turned into soothing instrumental lullabies. You've got to hear them! They may just become your new way of enjoying your old faves.

Here's how they describe themselves:

Rockabye Baby is the world’s leading lullaby brand! Our independent, Los Angeles-based team of music lovers, parents, and creative individuals lovingly crafts albums of lullaby renditions of your favorite artists.

With twinkling bells, childlike percussion and more, our lullabies bring your favorite songs to life in a whole new way, perfect for sharing your favorite music with your baby and easing sleepless nights.

Think of us as a bridge connecting who you’ve always been with who you’re becoming in your beautiful new life as a parent.

Now, with over 100 releases to our name and over 2 Billion streams since our humble beginnings, we continue to bring joy and rest to parents and babies the world over.

You can listen to our music on Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, or wherever you stream your music! Check out our listening links and social media channels at!

Call us nutrition & music nerds because together with Rockabye Baby, we've compiled a selection of music to perfectly compliment our Amara products. It also illustrates the massive collection and variety available. There's truly something for everyone. Make feeding a delight with our matching background music--or have fun creating your own playlist with Rockabye Baby on Spotify. Want more inspo? Check out our Food & Lullaby Pairings Playlist on Spotify here. The sweet renditions of these hits really will bring a smile to your face, trust us.


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