Quenching Their Thirst: What Should Toddlers Drink?

When it comes to providing healthy meals for your toddler, you also want to consider beneficial drinks. A good meal can be offset if your toddler drinks fluids that are filled with sugar and other additives. For a well-rounded diet, here are the main things your child needs to be drinking.


You cannot go wrong with plain water. Kids need to stay hydrated, especially if they are going to daycare and will be playing outside often. Pack a water bottle with your child’s lunch. If you are worried your toddler will get bored of water, then you could add a few citrus slices. A squirt from a lemon or lime will add some nutrients while making the drink yummier.


Before children are 12 months old, they need the nutrients found in breast milk. However, after 12 months, most toddlers can benefit from cow’s milk, and it provides a great source of Vitamin D and calcium. However, you do not want your child drinking too much milk. In general, you want to aim for between 16 and 22 ounces of milk daily.

100 Percent Juice

Most juices are not as healthy as they are advertised, but they can be good in moderation. Make sure you are getting 100 percent juices as opposed to other types of fruit drinks. If you are going to give your toddler 100 percent juice, then make sure it is no more than six ounces a day. In limited quantities, these juices can be great sources of various vitamins, magnesium and folate.

Some drinks you want to skip with your toddler include sodas and other caffeinated beverages. These substances contain no nutritional value, and the caffeine and sugar can disrupt your toddler’s sleep and nap schedule. Play it safe with healthy drinks and Amara Organic Foods. Learn more about the tasty flavors we have available, including banana, kale potato mash and apple with maqui berry, by calling us at 267-981-6411.

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