Sample Baby Feeding Schedule

We all know it, having a baby changes your life, your sleep, your schedule, etc. So here is a little sample schedule of what your day might be like when having a new baby. It’s not meant to be followed exactly because every baby is different and every parent has a different day but it’s meant to clear up some of those doubts when you are thinking “what’s my day going to be like with a baby”

7:30/8am: Wake up time depends on what time you put baby to sleep but generally baby will wake up for the day and start with breastmilk or formula. After feeding usually there is a pajama change and a change of diaper. At this hour most babies are very awake and love people watching and interaction.

9:30/10am: Usually a light baby nap at this time.

11am: Usually around this time is “errand time” so babies can either breastfeed or bottle feed. Diaper change will happen if needed and a lot of baby sleeping in the carseat or in baby wearing.

2pm: Usually will either be still running errands or just coming back so it will be similar to before. Sometimes your baby may go more or less time between feeds depending on your schedule and his needs. Feeding, diaper change then a light nap around this time. It is usually a light sleep (you know, that kind where their eyes flutter open at the slightest noise).

5pm: At this time of day, it’s usually the final breastmilk or bottle feed before bedtime routine. Dinner is usually being prepared in non-puree format and baby will either lightly nod to sleep in the baby wrap or crib.

7:30/8pm: Wash up/ bath time before bed and pajamas. Whatever bedtime ritual the family has, story time, and the last bottle/ breastfeed for the night.

12am: wake up for midnight bottle or breastfeed. There might also be a diaper change here if it’s dirty. After feed, it’s back in the bed.

3am/4am: at this time (and full zombie mode) it’s usually another bottle or breastfeed and a quick diaper change if needed.

7:30/8am: Repeat.

We know your schedule is always changing as your baby grows, more naps, less naps will happen and your baby will develop a schedule of their own but hopefully that demystifies some of the fear of not knowing what a real life baby schedule may (or may not) be like!

You got this ;)

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