The Best Way to Carry your Carseat that will Totally Change your Day

The Best Way to Carry your Carseat (it will Totally Change your Day)

How many times have you walked towards your car, balancing your hundreds of bags and your infant car seat precariously on your forearm? There is no way around it, carrying your baby around in a car seat can be awkward and heavy. Some of us try to carry the car seat in both hands, some of us try to put it on our arm like an oversized purse... some of us just give it to someone else to carry (jokes jokes). But really, carrying a car seat is something we just expect to be awkward and annoying.

We just saw a video from a chiropractic doctor that recommends another way to car your baby's car seat that might be a little bit easier.

Here is an easy way to carry your baby's car seat without hurting your back. Emily Puente suggests that the best way to carry your infant's car seat is to LOOP around the handle instead of hooking around the handle the way most of us do. That way your weight shifts to a much more comfortable position and you relieve the pressure on the shoulder and hips. The video has had more than 3.6 million views -we tried it and it feels a little weird a first but after a couple tries it really feels natural.

1. Face the car seat backwards

2. Squat down and use your knees, not your back, to help you lift the baby seat

3. Once your arm is through the loop, flip your palm face down and press it against the carrier

4. Use your hand to hold the circle joint of the handle that connects to the carrier.

5. Stand up slowly using your knees

6. Ta da! Your arm is now more vertical than horizontal and the pressure should be not in your upper back but more evenly distributed throughout the body.

This is not the only technique but we thought it was so helpful we had to share it with all of you mamas!

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