The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist

The Ultimate Baby Shower Check List

Baby showers are one of the most exciting parties to throw! Good reason, good company, and all the good food! It doesn’t get much better than that. With that said, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to throw a successful baby shower. So, whether you are throwing it for yourself or a fellow momma we’ve teamed up with the stationery guru’s over at Basic Invite and put together the ultimate baby shower checklist!

Here is a baby shower to do list for the guest of honor & host to follow when planning a baby shower:

  • Host
  • Venue & Date
  • Guest List
  • Registry
  • Invitations
  • Menu
  • Decorations
  • Day of Prep
  • Thank You Cards

The Host

First things first, who is hosting the shower? Your mother, sister, a best friend? Maybe you are throwing it for yourself… whatever the case may be decide on who is hosting the shower - be sure to get in touch with them in order to coordinate your schedules for a shower date as well as keeping in touch for any important details that require the guest of honor’s input, such as the guest list and registry.

Where & When

As the host, think about where the best place for the shower would be. You will need to take into consideration dates, times, and the final headcount. If someone close to the mamma to be is nice enough to lend their home for the event that is perfect! It’s always nice to make sure everyone is comfortable, especially the pregnant one ;)!

If that’s not an option, shop around town for different venues. Many times your local park will have some sort of lodge, your city will have veteran’s halls available, or a hotel ball room.

*TIP: Be sure you have a date set that works for the host and the mommy before booking a venue wherever it may be.


The guest list is next. This is another step that requires collaboration as the host wants to be sure they are inviting the appropriate people for the mother. This will depend on the type of shower, the venue size, and the mother’s social circle.


Next up, the registry. Make sure that there is a registry to include on the invitations because those are next up! The registry doesn’t need to be complete at this point, but get it set up and started so that by the time the invites are out guests have enough choices of what to get.

Baby Shower Invitations

Now the invitations! Let the fun begin. Here is where you get to decide on a theme and really start planning the shower. With Basic Invite as your invitation vendor you have endless options! They have everything from baby girl shower invitations to baby shower invites for boys and even twin shower invites! With over 180 colors and tons of themes you can find something for any type of shower and any style of mom. And to make it super easy on you, Basic Invite offers free address collection services. All you have to do is share a link with your guests, collect their addresses, and print them for free!

Food & Decor

Once your invites are sent out and all the brass tax is completed it’s time to plan the menu and shop for decorations. Whatever theme you decided to go with on the invitations, you can match your menu items and decor to that! Etsy is a great place to get shower décor and you can customize a lot of it to the colors and themes you are looking for!

The Day Of

Finally, the day of preparations. While you are planning for the shower be sure to get in touch with a few key guests who can help with setting up and contributing to the cost and supplies of the shower. Usually close friends or immediate family members will be happy to help and be involved!

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

And don’t forget your matching baby shower thank yous. Order these along with the shower invites and place blank envelopes on each place setting for every guest to fill out an envelope with their address making it quick and easy to send out thank you cards.

And there you have it! Less than 10 steps to throwing the most amazing baby shower! Don’t forget to head over to Basic Invite for 40% off baby shower invites for a limited time! Good luck planning and happy baby showering!

Post written by Katie Scott at Basic Invite

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