Dealing with Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Breastfeed until he is 2. Don't drink coffee. Sleep with him in your bed. Sleep with him in the other room. Only sleep with him in the morning. Don't use formula, use formula, use only this formula.

The amount of advice you get when you're a to be parent or new mom is overwhelming. Everyone stops you in the supermarket (unbeckoned) to either coo at your newborn or smell your baby; or when you are pregnant to ask you when you’re due. That unspoken barrier that exists between strangers totally evaporates when you are a mom.

So does that barrier of advice. You start getting it from waitresses, your friends, your mom, your husband’s mom. And, as well intentioned as it is, let’s be real. Sometimes it is overwhelming, sometimes an innocent question (why aren’t you using reusable diapers? Or, you let your baby do that?) can send you into tears.

Being a parent is hard, there are millions of little decisions that you have to take, not just for yourself but for another tiny human.

And, everyone has something to say about them. Some new parents read all the books, blogs and ask everyone near them how they did it. Others prefer not to read anything and just trust that motherly instinct that they have inside.

Whatever road you take, whatever choices you make, just remember that they are yours to make. Yours, your partners, or whomever you have decided to include in your process but yours. Regardless though, advice will come. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to deal with all the advice that will come your way as a new parent:

  1. Remember that they mean the best: people see newborns and there is a kind of inert chord struck deep inside. So remember, when the random lady in the supermarket tells you that you should put a hat on your newborn, don’t let it ruin you’re your day. Just breathe deeply and say thank you, because the world cares.
  1. The decision is yours: think of all the advice given to you as different options, different opportunities and ways of thinking of things. Almost like a game, you could do advice 1, advice 2, advice 3… choose which one you feel most comfortable with and leave the rest as choices you could have made, but didn’t.
  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff: Listen, you might learn a thing or two but don’t take it personally. Most people say things trying to be helpful, not to judge or call you a bad parent.
  1. There is no one right decision: there are thousands of ways to raise a baby, none more “right” than another. Babies were raised in much harder conditions than with organic baby diapers and organic, non gmo baby food. Think about your decision and stay true to what you believe is best for your baby.

Being a parent is hard, you have to make decisions about things that you have never had to do before, that, quite honestly, you are already feeling a bit confused and insecure about. Take all the advice with a smile, because everyone want to make sure you have the best motherhood possible. Isn’t that beautiful?

So that being said, we also heard the advice about first solid foods and baby purees. We all know that you should be making homemade food all the time, right? Chopping and freezing every Sunday? Yeah, right.

We all heard that advice too and bought all the baby cookbooks, pinned all the recipes. We listened, and realized that there are some moments where homemade baby food is more of a dream than a reality. In those moments, or whenever you choose... Amara Baby Food offers healthy organic baby foodthat has the same taste, texture and nutrients of homemade baby food.

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