Tips for Flying With a Baby This Summer

It seems as though everyone has a story of when they were on a plane with a noisy, crying baby. When you are a new parent, you may be self-conscious about how your child is going to behave. While there may be no way to prevent a baby from crying entirely, there are a few things you can do to make the trip easier.

Get Good Seats

Plan your trip well ahead of time, and try to get seats as close to the front of the plane as possible. The back of the plane tends to vibrate more and be noisier. Additionally, you will be able to exit the plane fast if you are at the front.

Bring a Safety Seat

It may be tempting to try to have your baby sit on your lap during the flight, but this can be dangerous. It is best to play it safe and purchase an additional seat for your child. You will want to bring along a safety seat as well, so your child is buckled in securely.

Have a Diaper Bag as Your Carry-On

You are generally only allowed one carry-on, and when you have a baby, you want it to be filled with diapers. You never want to assume your baby will only need one extra diaper. Be prepared and always pack too much as opposed to too little.

Be Ready to Apologize

Your baby cannot help it if it cries. However, the loud noise can naturally be disruptive to the other passengers. If your child ends up being particularly noisy during a flight, then you should turn to the other passengers immediately around you and apologize. Most people understand, and you may get a little more sympathy from the people you are traveling with.

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