Top 10 Lies We Tell Ourselves as Parents

Top 10 Lies We Tell Ourselves as Parents

No one ever said it was going to be easy. In fact, they probably warned you against it. We tell ourselves lies to get through the stresses of raising a child. Here are some doozies that we remember telling ourselves when we were trying to raise our kids:

  • If Milk is baby's cream has milk...can I survive on ice-cream? one pump for baby, one spoonful of Ben and Jerry's for mom...
  • Someday, we will get to sleep forward to year 3... still waiting for those sweet 8 hours. 
  • I'll just let him stay up past bedtime just this once so he'll be less does he have this much energy?!
  • Our kids will stay quiet long enough for me to take a shower…oh no, why are they quiet?
  • We’ve been looking forward to this family vacation. We’re gonna get so.. much.. Rest…Pinterest vacation... vs. reality. Part 3
  • I'm going to make all my baby food myself, with a baby mill it's easyPinned 231 recipes of homemade baby
  • Potty training is gonna be easy. I know this one kid who did it in one day! is that even physically possibly? and I thought blow outs were over... 
  • Helping my kid with his homework won’t be THAT hard…calculus at 10 years old?! Kids these days...
  • The teenage years will be easier than the toddler years…until I realized that not being able to walk meant I knew where my baby was all.the.time...
  • My kids will NEVER do that…"but really mom, they were just really tired, what did you say to her?". 
  • What’s one more kid? It's easier with two!

Do you have a funny parent lie that turned out to totally wrong? Share it with us, we love hearing from you.  

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