Why Amara? The Benefits of our Baby Food Powders

Why Amara? The Benefits of our Baby Food Powders

the benefits of amara


If you’re wondering about what separates Amara baby food from all the other baby food out there, the answer is:a lot

When we designed Amara, we had your whole family in mind, and we’re dedicated to making sure that everything we make benefits both parents and babies. We know you shouldn’t have to make any trade-offs when it comes to feeding your family: that’s why Amara is for everyone. 


Here’s what you get: 

  • Homemade Made Easy — & Affordable

  • With Amara, you get a fresh, homemade meal in mere seconds, without having to break the bank. Instead of having to spend hours preparing, portioning, and preserving homemade baby food, Amara makes homemade food as easy as one, two, three. To prep, simply add water, formula, or breast milk to Amara powder, and stir. The result is a difference you can literally see, smell, and taste — Amara isn’t “just like” real food.It is real food!

    Every time you put Amara on the table, you can rest assured you’re feeding your baby nothing but the best: fresh, whole-food dishes that are flavorful, delicious, and nutritious. With Amara, you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle of making and storing purees, keeping track of refrigerated meals, or subscribing to pricey meal-delivery services; nor do you have to compromise on quality. Amara is the perfect healthy and economical solution for meals at home, packing lunches for daycare, travel, and on-the-go. It’s all the benefits of homemade food without any of the time, cost, or hassle. 

    → Here’s what parents are saying: 

    “I highly recommend this product to any mom or dad who wants to make food from scratch but just can’t find the time or the funds for a fancy baby food maker.”

    “This takes all of the stress out of homemade purees. Amara does all of the work for you.”

    “I love the idea that I can have homemade food without all the prep.” 

  • Nutrition You Can Count On

  • Any parent knows that it can be so hard to choose what and how to feed your baby — but Amara makes it easy! Every one of our recipes was created by a chef and a scientist with a PhD in nutrition, and they designed every blend just for you and your baby. In the first place, real food means real nutrition — and with Amara, that’s exactly what you get! Our proprietary nutrient protection technology (NPT) [link to NPT article] ensures that the Amara baby food you make at home has all the same nutritional benefits as the whole-food ingredients that went into it. 

    Speaking of ingredients, all of our ingredients are real foods, individually sourced, certified organic, and picked at peak harvest — when they are most nutrient dense. 

    Not only does Amara have the edge when it comes to nutrition, but our baby foods also have the same natural tastes, bright colors and varying textures as real foods, which means your baby will learn to enjoy actual food, rather than over-heated, over-processed purees that have been stripped of their nutritional properties and carry little resemblance to any actual foods. 

    Lastly, with Amara, your baby isn’t limited to the standard fare (peas, carrots, and applesauce). Instead, Amara offers a wide variety of exciting blends and food pairings, all of which we developed in tandem with both nutritionists and chefs. Using both the best science and culinary expertise, we designed our products to deliver on both flavor and nutrients. 

    → What parents are saying: 

    “Really grateful we don't have to compromise an opportunity for a healthy meal when needing something quick and easy.”

    “I’m glad I can give healthy options that are also convenient for a busy lifestyle.”

    “I love that I know I am putting good nutrition into my baby!” 

    “I wanted something packed full of nutrients and seriously.... Amara has DELIVERED!!”

    “I love that there is a baby food option that focuses on preserving the nutrients and only using whole organic ingredients. The flavor was delicious and my baby ate it all up!” 

  • The Power of Powder!

  • Amara’s lightweight powder is easy to carry and store wherever you need it: in the pantry, in your car, the diaper bag, grandparents’ homes… It’s perfect for travel, on-the-go, day trips, and even camping! 

    With powder, you also get to customize your baby’s food every time, because no one knows better than you what your baby likes best — mix in more liquids to prep a thinner puree, or less for a chunkier blend. Choose from water, formula or breast milk to further adjust the texture and flavor profile. And since every pouch can be tailored to serve a stage 1, 2, or 3 puree, you never have to worry about micromanaging your baby food shelf. Not only does this flexibility make it easier to gradually transition from purees to “real” solid foods, but you can even use Amara baby food powder to make simple, tasty finger foods for self-feeding babies and toddlers — just follow the recipes on the side of every box. 

    → What parents are saying: 

    “I’m so thankful that I can keep this in my diaper bag or car and know I can easily mix up a perfect meal for my baby even on the go!”

    “This is so convenient when we're on the go, but still wanting fresh baby food. Just bring it along in the diaper bag and mix wherever you are!”

    “These packets have the best packaging, super easy to take with you anywhere and mix up for your baby without worrying about it going bad or opening in your bag.”

    “I love how easy it is to just mix Amara with milk until I find the right consistency that suits my growing baby’s needs, it makes introducing new tastes and textures effortless.”

  • Clean, Safe Ingredients

  • Just as important as whatis in Amara baby food —real food! — is what’snot. None of our products contain any additives: no preservatives, no binding agents, no added sugar… nothing. And because we also don’t use excessive high-heat treatments, our baby foods naturally contain 50% less sugar than leading brands of baby food pouches. 

    All of our products are also 100% organic certified and tested for environmental elements such as heavy metals and pesticides, so you can rest assured your baby is not only getting the best, but also what’s safe. 

    The “less is more” philosophy extends to our process and packaging, too, which are eco-friendly. Since our NPT technology removes water, our shipments are lighter and have a reduced carbon footprint; and our packages use 12x less plastic than traditional baby food pouches. 

    → What parents are saying: 

    “When they say just organic ingredients, they’re legit JUST those ingredients. I was dead set on preparing all of my boy’s food simply because I wasn’t crazy about some of the preservatives and ingredients in pre-packaged baby food, until we found this!”

    Amara is a wonderful way to feed my baby organic, non-gmo food made from simple, nutritious ingredients that I feel good about her eating.”

    When reviewing the ingredients… I was so excited to see that Amara has zero additives. The potato kale mash has just four ingredients – organic potatoes, organic kale, organic banana, and organic onion and is non-gmo.”

    “Amara baby food brand has been nothing short of amazing. It’s organic and I don’t need to worry about high sugar levels and other ‘extra’ ingredients.”


    At Amara, we believe thatif we set babies and kids on the right path from a young age, they will live better, feel better, and think better for the rest of their lives.

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    This belief informs everything we do, and that's why we designed our baby food to deliver the very best — with no catch. With Amara, you can always count on the fresh flavor and quality of a homemade meal; optimal nutrition; convenience and portability; and environmentally-conscious thinking. It boils down to what parents everywhere are saying sets Amara apart:taste, nutrition, and convenience.

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