Why we decided to change our packaging

Why we decided to change our packaging

All moms have one thing in common, I bet you know what it is already. Lack of sleep. A tad bit stressed while your heart is literally bursting with joy and fullness. You never knew you could love this much did you? Nor did you realize how much you were actually capable of cramming into 24 hours – lack of sleep or not. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? You’re not alone.

So now your little baby is 4 or 5 months old, you’ve passed the test of breastfeeding or found a formula you feel comfortable with and now your baby is starting to show signs that he is interested in solid foods. Yet another thing to figure out, and believe me, it’s overwhelming.

The first thing you probably do is talk to your pediatrician, your mom, your family friends, and señor Google. Then, armed with all this new knowledge about what first foods you should start with, what textures and what consistencies you should be feeding your little one, you go to your local supermarket and start looking at your options.

It’s amazing how many baby food options are available today, pouches, jars, frozen, freeze dried, homemade baby food, baby led weaning, and the list goes on. All of them beautifully lined up on your supermarket shelf, waiting for you to make that decision.

But here’s the thing, you are already overwhelmed by the choice of actually putting food into your little one’s mouth, and now you have to decide between dozens of different brands and different flavors and stages (what the heck are “stages” any way?!).

When we first designed our packaging we did what we thought we were supposed to, pick our favorite colors, our local designer and spent hours talking with the team to figure out where to put each comma, apostrophe and question mark.



But here’s what we didn’t do, we didn’t talk to you. We didn’t imagine it on shelf or among hundreds of different baby brands. About 6 months into our grocery launch we realized we needed a radical change. Something different, a packaging that was radically different -- just like how different our approach is to baby food compared to other traditional baby food brands. 

This time we talked to you. This time we camped out in front of the baby food shelves, asking you how you made your decision, how you chose the baby food that is right for your baby. Over and over, we had moms tell us how overwhelmed they were with the baby food options that existed. Over and over we saw moms stare at the 4 foot shelf with a 5 month old wrapped around them trying to make the hard choice of what was the best baby food for your little one. Over and over we saw moms guilty go to processed purees because homemade was one more thing that they couldn’t realistically fit into their day.

What we considered in our packaging

Simplify, simplify, simplify:

You already have enough decisions to make in a day, let’s make choosing your baby food simple. Our ingredients are the only thing that changes across the front of each flavor. Big, Bold, Fresh.

The benefits:

I’m not going to lie, our process is pretty fancy. But that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. So we highlight what Amara brings to you that other baby foods don’t – right on the front of the packaging in those cute little circle icons.

Bringing back the magic:

Flip it around and you’ll find a different color on the back, surprise! Add a little liquid to Amara and it changes color too, surprise! Food should be an experience, with Amara your little one can discover the taste, texture and smells of real food (yes, our banana is gooey!) 

Better for Baby, Easy for You:

We may not be the best marketers, or be the best at Instagram but we do one thing damn well, baby food. One of our core values is "Food First". We concentrate on bringing your baby food, no additives, preservatives or fillers. Just the pure organic ingredients. We choose each and every ingredient from the source, comparing dozens of different kales until finding the right one. You can be confident that we are bringing you the best baby food for your little one, nothing less.

This new packaging has taken us months to bring to you but we are so excited to have it to share with you now. The best thing is - I can proudly say that our packaging was made by you. Every single phrase comes from opinions from hundreds of moms, telling us what they loved about Amara, in their own words. Your words and experiences wove this packaging into what it is today, thank you.



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