Winter Food Crafts for Toddlers and Young Kids

If you haven’t hopped on the food crafting bandwagon yet, all aboard! I was, to be honest, quite averse to it before I tried it and saw just how much fun my kids had with it — and also how truly easy it can be. It’s true: food crafting need not be A Whole Big Thing. 

Here are six fun winter- and Valentine’s Day-themed food crafts that are all simple, healthy, low-ingredient, and adorable:

1. Mozzarella and Toothpick Igloos

Use mini mozzarella balls (or cubed white cheese) and a bunch of toothpicks to build an igloo or ice fort! You could also try using pretzel sticks instead of toothpicks to make the entire structure edible; to make this dairy-free, you could use grapes instead of cheese. To get an even better fit, use peanut butter as a glue between pieces. And if an igloo is a little bit much for your child, you can always build a simpler structure such as a house, star, or two-dimensional snowflake. 


(Note: These images show the food craft with marshmallows, but we love the cheese or grape substitution for a healthier snack!)

2. Cucumber and Mozzarella Snowmen 

Stick a toothpick through two mozzarella balls and use sliced cucumber for a sturdy base. Add seeds for eyes and buttons and a piece of shredded carrot for the nose! To make penguins instead, fill one black olive with cream cheese and then spear a toothpick through it and one other black olive. Use a carrot round with a triangle cut out for the base, and stick the remaining carrot triangle in the top olive for a nose.  




3. Penguin Crackers 

Smear cream cheese (or any white spreadable cheese, such as goat cheese) onto round crackers. Split an olive in half and set one half on each side; add a carrot triangle for a nose, almond slivers for feet, and seeds for eyes. You could also try this on a rice cake for a larger version!

If you prefer to make snowman crackers, just spread the cheese onto circular crackers and arrange into a two- or three-tiered snowman, using a carrot sliver for a nose and seeds for eyes and buttons — optional to include other veggies for “flare” like a scarf. 




4. Polar Bear Yogurt Bowl

Spoon plain yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt, so long as it’s white) into a bowl and use bananas to form ears and a nose. Add Amara yogurt melts for eyes and one extra on top of the nose — this is really a fun one for breakfast 🙂. 



5. Strawberry and Mozzarella Heart Person Sticks

We love this one for a festive Valentine’s Day snack! Use a toothpick to skewer two strawberries side by side (so it roughly resembles a heart), then stick four pretzel sticks in (two on each side) for arms and legs, and add mozzarella balls to the end of each pretzel. 

Use these Amara yogurt melts for eyes and a mouth!



6. Amara Yogurt Melt Valentine’s Favors

Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of Amara organic smoothie melts into a bag and tie it together with these free printable valentine’s cards. We love using all the flavors in the pink/red/purple family (Mixed Red Berries, Beets n’ Berries, and Carrot Raspberry) to stick with the Valentine’s Day color scheme.​ These favors are a perfect alternative to hand out in lieu of candy! 

Amara Organic Foods is committed to changing the food industry from the bottom up — starting with the youngest of eaters, because our children deserve healthy, delicious, nutritious foods that set them up for a lifetime of healthful eating. All of our organic baby food blends and toddler yogurt melts are made from the freshest ingredients and prepared using our very own nutrient protection technology that seals in all the nutrients and preserves foods in their original structure. It’s as natural as homemade and as easy as store bought! And we promise you’ll never see anything you don't like — including any kind of added sugar — on our ingredient labels. 

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