#1 Best Baby Food
The Bump, 2018

Awarded "Best Healthy Baby Food"
Good Housekeeping, 2020



A Healthy Start
for Your Baby

Just mix with breast milk, formula or water for a gentle transition to cereals.

No Added Sugar or
Funny Stuff


With Amara, you can start solid foods knowing you are continuing to deliver baby the very best nutrition while they become familiar with the tastes and textures of cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Just add breastmilk, formula or water to bring purees to life, bringing baby the nutrients of fresh food with the added boost of breast milk or formula.

Baby Food and Cereals

We know you want the best for your baby and finding the right baby food for your baby can be hard. That's why we're giving you $5 off
your order of Amara baby food or baby cereals.

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"I love this food and so does our son. I feel so comfortable feeding it to him and am happy I can mix in my breastmilk or water.  
Don’t hesitate to buy, I wish I would have sooner."

Introduction to Solids Variety Pack

Take the guesswork out of starting solids.

Our variety pack includes vegetables and superfruits designed for your baby's first adventure into the world of solid foods. Just mix with breast milk, formula or water for nutrient-rich meals.

Customer Reviews

"I cannot express how much I love this product. It’s so much fun to prepare for baby! You add water, formula or breast milk to get it to the consistency you want. So not only are you giving baby these great nutrients but you’re also able to add the nutrients they get from their milk too! I love this product so much."

Amy  -  1 NOV 2020

"5 stars! My little man loves this yummy food - he gets mad when I'm not feeding him fast enough. Amara food smells so fresh and I love that it's not caked in sugar."

Kelsey  - 07 OCT 2020

"There is no comparison. Jarred food taste strange. Cold squeeze pouches are less convenient. Warm pouches taste a little off after being thrown in a diaper bag or hot car. I never found another product that could just be everywhere I needed it without much thought (left in the diaper bag, car, mother-in-law’s pantry, her car, daycare baskets).”

Tracey D.  - 21 SEP 2019


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From veggie-forward baby food blends to plant-based proteins to whole grain cereals, we've got you covered for an easy transition from boob to spoon.

From as little as $1.30 per meal