10 Great Places to Have a Birthday Party | Birthday Ideas for babies & toddlers | Kid 1st Birthday Party Inspiration

10 Great Places to Have a Birthday Party | Birthday Ideas for babies & toddlers | Kid 1st Birthday Party Inspiration

Your baby’s first birthday is a big event, yet coming up with first birthday party ideas is difficult! How does anyone even find baby-friendly party places?! Relax – we have you covered. Check out these 10 exciting places to have your baby’s first birthday party.

1. Apple orchards or pumpkin patches

Colors and open spaces – apple orchards and pumpkin patches are a blast for babies! Plus, they make for the cutest photos. Just pack some wipes to keep your birthday baby fresh.

2. Craft shops

It’s never too early to get your hands dirty or paint the town red. Try out a baby-friendly craft shop that has baby safe paint (yes, some might end up in their mouths) and a place that doesn’t mind colorful fingerprints. Plus, if baby is sleeping, mom gets to paint. 

3. Baby & Mom Yoga Classes

A lot of places now have baby and mom yoga classes or classes where you can go with your stroller and get some exercise. A lot of these teachers are also open to new and cool ideas, what’s better than a birthday party with some mommy me time worked into it! 

4. Botanical gardens

Enjoy open areas, scenic photo opportunities, and fresh air at a botanical garden. Ask the caretakers if you can decorate or take a walk with the team and set up at a picnic table. Make sure you keep some pre-made baby food available for when the tiny ones get famished.

5. Lakes & Beaches

Is there any sight cuter than babies splashing around? If your baby has a summer birthday celebrate outside by the lake or the beach. Bring lots of umbrellas, sunscreen and wipes. You bring the gear and let the water bring the fun!

6. Parks

Never underestimate parks – they can host an array of first birthday ideas, including themed-parties. Plus, there’s baby-friendly playground equipment and when baby gets tired, there are usually lots of shady spots for you and baby to take a rest.

7. Farms

Search for baby-friendly farms that have petting zoos, wagon rides, and activities for younger babies. You can teach your child about animals early and it’s really worth it when you see the look in your baby’s eye the first time she sees a pig!

8. Pool

Almost like the beach, but minus the sand. Pool parties are perfect for birthday party ideas for babies. Baby bathing suits and sand-castle building opportunities make for beautiful first birthday photos.

9. Gyms

Where can you have your baby’s birthday party if it rains? Baby-friendly play gyms are a way for babies to have an active and thrilling day indoors. Great if it looks like rain on the way! 

10. Puppet shows

This one is cliché, but babies don’t care: puppet shows. That’s easy entertainment for them and relaxation for you.

Pick an idea and go make some big memories. Use our baby shower checklist to remember everything you need to do before your baby's birthday party! Happy birthday, little ones!