When Do Babies Start Smiling | Learn the Time Newborn Babies Begin to Smile | Newborn Baby Milestones

When Do Babies Start Smiling | Learn the Time Newborn Babies Begin to Smile | Newborn Baby Milestones

For parents of delightfully tiny newborns, baby milestones are what you live and die for. However, there are so many milestones for newborns that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. One popular milestone is when does a baby first smile? You may not have even had that question on your mind with all of the many other big moments, but you’re probably a little bit curious about this milestone now!

So, let’s talk about your sweet darling’s first smile.

Your baby’s first realsmile will generally make an appearance between the 1.5 and 3-month marks. This may seem odd since there’s a chance that your newborn hasn’t even reached this age yet and is already grinning at you.

Even though your blissful baby is thrilled to be with you, what you’re witnessing is their reflex smile. This is usually only present during the first 2 months of a child’s life.

A reflex smile is actually a survival mechanism instilled in these brand new human beings. Babies instinctively use reflex smiles to appear more pleasing and, therefore, keep safe from danger in their most delicate stage. This means that you may go weeks in between the reflex smile and the real smile. It might make your baby look grumpy, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. Smiling will take its natural course, so just sit back and enjoy your cuddly baby.

While you eagerly await your baby’s first smile, remember that being healthy is always something for your baby to be ecstatic about. Continue to focus on implementing a wholesome baby feeding routine, and have a reward prepared for when they do flash that cheesy, toothless grin at you for the first time. There’s nothing quite like a thrilling new [baby-safe] toy or some highly nutritious baby food pouches to express your love, pride, and exhilaration to your precious little bundle of joy for that smile!

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