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Baby Shopping Guide | Learn What to Buy for Babies | Shopping for Baby Newborn Essentials 

Before we get into this I want to say one thing, mom, dad, caretaker, whoever is reading this don’t forget – you already have everything you need. Newborn babies need the love and care from their parents and a few essentials but most of what they need is in you. Gadgets and things will help make your life a bit easier sometimes but if you can’t or don’t want to buy more things, that’s okay too. The love and warmth you share with your baby now is what will form them into a healthy baby later on.

Now – there are a few things that many parents define as essentials when shopping for your newborn baby. Along with checking out baby food shops and homemade baby food recipes, you might be anxious about purchasing the correct newborn essentials. Don’t worry, here are a few essential goodies you can buy your little one.


You’ve got the first 3 months of baby clothing shopping covered.

You’ll want one-piece bodysuits for playing and napping, shirts and stretchy pants or leggings for when you don’t want to remove their entire outfit for a diaper-change, and warm outer layers that are easy to remove.

You can accessorize with: hats [for both warm and cold weather], mittens, pajamas, socks, and booties for you baby (we know- we love the Instagram photos too).


Consider diapers the baby uniform. Disposable, cloth, and hybrid diapers alike, your baby will go through around a dozen a day in the beginning. Shop accordingly. Don’t forget that diapers come in all different sizes and absorption rates too. There are sizes for newborns and as they get larger and diapers for night time and daytime too.

If you’re doing disposables, pick up smaller packs of varying types so that you have a quick solution if the first diaper pick irritates your baby’s skin or doesn’t fit properly. If you are doing reusable diapers, there are plenty of brands to shop for your baby. We won’t go into them here but Google has a lot to offer.

Whatever your diaper routine is, make sure to keep wipes and/or washcloths handy.

Car seats and strollers

Whenever you’re ready to take your newborn out, you’ll want to do so safely and in style.

Because car seat regulations are always changing and any used car seat could have been in an accident without your knowledge, we always recommend buying a brand new one before your baby is born or loaning one from a trusted friend or family.

Your baby also needs wheels. When you purchase a stroller, consider what you’ll want or need in one, whether that’s reclining, storage space, easy fold or something else.

Consider baby wearing too, carriers and wraps are easy ways to bring your little one around you close to your body. There are a lot of varieties available so do some online research to see which one best fits your style. 


If your baby will arrive during cold weather, buy them fleece or cotton wearable blankets – these zip over your newborn’s pajamas. Also consider picking up some blankets for swaddling, since some newborns love that.

Use this as a guide and get excited, your baby is almost here. Remember though, even if you don’t have all the stylin’ gear – they have you and that’s what matters most. 

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