Top Foods for Brain Health in Toddlers

The foods you choose for babies or toddlers today can make an impact on their cognitive development and performance in school for the future. Instead of sugary treats and salty snacks, reach for these brain-boosting foods for your toddler.


Start your toddler’s day off strong with an egg breakfast. He’ll get a filling serving of protein as well as the brain-friendly nutrient choline, which can help improve memory development. Make it a habit to have eggs for lunch or dinner as well to give your toddler even more memory power. (twice a day?? Sounds like a lot no?)


When it’s time to stop for a snack, put plenty of colorful berries on your toddler’s plate. Toddlers love the taste of sweet strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries and how easy they are to pick up and eat. Plus, who doesn’t love the antioxidant power of berries, the memory-boosting reputation and the omega-3 fats from the seeds.


Pediatricians usually recommend toddlers get plenty of dairy each day to help build strong bones. The protein and carbohydrate combination you get from milk, cheese and yogurt can help give your baby’s brain a boost.

Peanut Butter

At lunch, try the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich to give your toddler a tasty meal that’s packed with protein, vitamin E and some brain boosters. Peanut butter contains thiamin, which gives the body glucose for the brain and nervous system.

Lean Meat

At dinnertime, make sure your toddler gets a serving of lean meat. Lean cuts of beef are rich in iron and zinc, which help support memory and concentration. For vegetarians, include plenty of iron-rich spinach, beans or soy to help supplement your toddler’s diet and give him the best start to life.

You can create a nutritious and tasty menu of meals for your toddler to help him be his best. For fun ideas for your toddler, try our organic 5 ingredient toddler bites or our DIY green kale pancakes too! Get more ideas about what kind of foods can boost your baby’s brain by contacting the team at Amara Organic Baby Food.

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