Going Beyond Baby Food

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that baby food can be your food too… but here are some great ways to use Amara for baby, toddler (and you!).  Whether you want to go beyond baby food, trying baby led weaning or want to get creative with your baby food purees? Here are some recipes for you! 

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  1. Oats n Berries for Breakfast: just mix with water or milk – I usually use two pouches and add in some fresh fruit (raspberries or strawberries) are great.
  2. Pancakes – kale


  1. Black Bean Sweet Corn Dip: To those of you who know me well – you know I could eat Mexican food every day – so you’ll also appreciate how much I use the black bean Sweet Corn. I put it in corn tortillas with some guacamole for a quick snack or, just mix up for a dip and use with corn tortillas.
  2. Applesauce with Maqui berries with Yogurt: my partner eats this EVERY day for breakfast (no joke). Mixes best with plain yogurt and turns a great berry color! He swears by it, and so will you.



  1. Mom’s Pea Soup: A quick dinner or appetizer that can be jazzed up with a slice of bread, little cubes of cheese or croutons.
  2. Veggie Crepes: Imagine something that you can literally put sweet or savory inside and is quick to make – welcome to the crepe. Growing up Swiss-french means that dinner was often savory crepes (spinach, ham, cheese is my favorite combo) and then sweet crepe (hello nutella) for dessert. Try out the oats n berries crepes for a simple, French dinner that’s sure to wow your family.



  1. Sweet Potato Custard – our chef made the recipe on that is on the side of the sweet potato box – it may sound complicated at first glance but it’s actually SO easy and makes for a fancy looking dessert.
  2. Pumpkin Scones: a classic, pumpkin scones are basically cookies, but healthier.
  3. Ancient Grain Chewy cookies: chewy cookies? You got my attention. Follow the recipe on the side of the Amara Ancient Grain Cereal box for a healthy (ish) cookie that’s both chewy and delicious.


Put on your apron and your chef's hat, shop our collection and try some of these recipes. 

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