Natural Relief for your Teething Baby

teething baby remedies

Home Remedies to the Rescue

Teething can be a rough time for baby--and you. Here are a few easy, natural ways to bring some relief when the going gets tough. Hang in there, mama. This too shall pass.

Keep It Chill

When first teeth are pushing through, babies gums can become sore and inflamed. Applying cold pressure can really help numb and ease the discomfort.


Freezing a clean, wet washcloth and letting baby chew on it

Chilling your baby's food before serving

Making teething popsicles with breast milk

Offering a mesh feeder filled with frozen fruit

Whipping up an ice cold fruit and yogurt smoothie

baby food for teething

Get your Chew On

Finding ways to help babies get their "chewing fix" during teething can be a creative and helpful distraction from the pain.


Baking these homemade teething biscuits

Wearing a teething necklace

Getting baby a safe teething toy 

Giving baby your finger 

Offering a baby spoon to gnaw on

Feeding peeled cucumber, carrot or apple slices

teething relief at home

Cuddles Heal All

With a fussy teething baby on your hands, sometimes the best remedy is simply your closeness.


Breastfeeding for comfort

Co-sleeping or letting baby nap on your chest

Wearing your baby in a carrier, wrap or sling

Taking a warm, relaxing bath with baby

Snuggling up with a favorite lovey and book


Have more teething remedies to add? Leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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